Personal Paintover


Receive a personal paintover of one of your own paintings. Includes a video paintover with full audio commentary and PSD file.


This is a personal paintover of one of your own paintings. The painting you submit can be anything from an illustration to a character design. The paintover package includes a video paintover with full audio commentary and a PSD file of the changes.

The paintover will not be a completely finished and rendered illustration. The purpose of the paintover is to point out mistakes and show you how to improve your existing painting. I will also discuss what things you should continue to work on. Each paintover will last roughly 10-30 minutes. The length and extensiveness of the paintover depends on the image I have to work with.

After you purchase your paintover, send your image to You can either send the file itself or upload a high res version to your Dropbox and simply send me the link.


Will the paintover be a completely finished illustration?
No. The purpose of this paintover isn’t to provide you with a finished illustration. Not only would that take many hours/days, but people might also try and pass off my painting as their work. The purpose of the paintover is to show you your mistakes and how to improve your painting. You can get an idea of previous paintovers I have done in the product gallery above.

How long will the paintover be?
The paintover will most likely be anywhere from 10-30 minutes long. Some paintings need more work while others do not. I can’t guarantee a specific length because every painting is different and I have no idea how long I will spend on each one.

What type of painting can I submit?
You can submit whatever type of painting you want. It can be an illustration or a character design, or whatever else you want. I don’t do 3D, so please do not submit any 3D work. I also don’t do very many mechanical or vehicle designs, so I am probably not the best person to do a paintover of that type of work.

How should I submit my file?
You can either email me the file to or upload it to your own Dropbox and send me the link. Sending a Dropbox link is probably the best way. Please make sure your file is 300 dpi and 4k-5k pixels wide on the longest size. Do not send tiny images. Also, please flatten your images before sending them. A PSD or JPG is fine.

Can I submit my commercial work to you?
No. Most contracts state that you are required to do the entire painting yourself and that you are not allowed to have a 3rd party work on your painting. If you submit something, you are promising that any work you submit is just personal work and will not be used commercially. I am not responsible for any contracts you break.

How long will it take you to do my paintover?
Hopefully I will finish your paintover within a few days. It could take a little longer depending on my schedule.