Intro to Digital Painting

I’ve been working towards becoming an artist and struggled for a few years without really knowing how to approach the task. I had taken anatomy classes and design classes without really grasping the subject. Taking Daarken’s Intro to Digital Painting taught me how to use and apply both tools and techniques. I finally learned what it was to do a study, something I had not been taught to do before. Working in the mentorship and moving on to the Advanced Digital Painting mentorship, Daarken’s help in areas where I was struggling and not understanding helped me grow faster in less than a year than I did in the years before. In all I would say Daarken’s mentorship is a must for young growing artists. Even after directing my girlfriend to Daarken’s mentorship, she has grown exponentially and it’s from the effect and inspiration that Daarken has on his students to grow past being just an artist.Matthew Dumlao

Let’s face it: you get what you pay for, and Daarken’s Mentorship is no exception. With that being said, the program is worth every—damn—penny…If you’ve already signed up for his program and you’re reading this now, do yourself a favor and listen to everything he tells you and apply yourself as much as you can. Immerse yourself in the program and I promise you that you will become better. – Jonathon Reed (read the rest of the review here)

…So do I recommend his class? Yes I do! Although, to be honest, each of the exercises can be easily done without even purchasing his videos. I’ve seen people make the same assignments on many forums because these are really common exercises. BUT! Having a professional guide you through this can tremendously make a difference. It can cut down years of hurdle because of that.Jeremie Locas (read the rest of the review here)

The course is nicely structured, Daarken is a great tutor but don’t get fooled by his friendly person, he constantly pushes you over your limit over and over again so be prepared to actually work in these weeks. – Steffen Seyfarth

Izzy Boonyawiroch - Week 2 Still Life Assignment (left), Week 5 Night & Day Assignment (right)
Chenoa Lindsey - Master Copy Assignment after Bouguereau
Aidan Chavasse - 2013 mentorship (left), 2016 Patreon (right)
Andres Esquivel - Week 2 (left), Week 4 (right)
Ben Donahue - Before mentorship (left), Portrait assignment (right)
Ben Donahue - Master Copy Assignment after Edmund Blair Leighton
Ben Donahue - Movie Still Assignment
Ben Liou - Before mentorship (left), Figure Drawing Assignment (right)
Didac Cazorla - Movie Still Assignment
Felipe Gaona - Week 2 (left), Week 4 (right)
Gustavo Sigiliano - Figure Drawing Assignment
Jacob Stevens - Master Copy Assignment after Dave Palumbo (left), Still Life Assignment (right)
Jarrad Lajeunesse - Night & Day Assignment
Jeff Obrien - Before mentorship (left), After mentorship (right)
Jeremie Locas - Week 6 Master Copy Assignment after Waterhouse (left), Week 9 Figure Drawing Assignment (right)
Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers - Character Design Assignment (right), Changes after receiving feedback (left)
Jes Fink-Jensen - Night & Day Assignment
Joe Thompson - Intro mentorship (left), Advanced mentorship (right)
Jonathon Reed - Before mentorship (left), Week 10 Portrait Assignment (right)
Jose del Teso - Week 7 Movie Still Assignment (left), Week 10 Portrait Assignment (right)
Michael Tran - Still Life Assignment
Steffen Seyfarth - Night & Day Assignment

Advanced Digital Painting

You don’t know the power of the Daarken mentorship.Ben Liou

…I must say, I’m not just happy, it’s amazing!! He is a good teacher and has a good attitude, very humble, and predisposed to “enlighten” all your doubts…Vlad Rikowski

Ben Liou - Character Design Assignment
Bob Kehl - Illustration from a Client Brief Assignment
Cornelius Cockroft - Character Design Assignment
Daniel Cotter - Character Design & Turnaround Assignment
Eric Spiker - Clothed Figure II Assignment
Irina Kuzmina - Battle Scene Assignment
Irina Kuzmina - Character Design Assignment
Nika Rukavi - How to use Photo Ref. Assignment
Vlad Rikowski - Battle Scene Assignment
Vlad Rikowski - How to use Photo Ref. Assignment
Vlad Rikowski - Character Design Assignment
Vlad Rikowski - Illustration from a Client Brief