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2012 at a Glance

January 2012 © Blizzard Entertainment 2012 has been an exciting and busy time for me, although it was sort of a weird year in terms of art. I feel like I didn't produce that much art, but I think it's mainly due to the fact that a large chunk of it is still under NDA. […]

magic and volcanoes

I must apologize because I've been neglecting my art updates lately. Now that I upload my newest images to my Facebook page, I tend to forget to put them on here as well. A few of my new Magic cards just came out recently. In M12 I have Call to the Grave and a reprint […]

evolution of an artist

Someone was asking me to post some of my very first paintings and drawings so that they could see what my beginnings were like. I thought this was a great idea and I actually found some of my old work when I was packing and moving earlier this month. It is always fun to see […]

wow madness

Hah, well for some reason a bunch of stuff came out on the same day. Six WoW cards and my Warhammer cover all came out today. Actually I received the proofs today, so I'm guessing they were released earlier. I think the Icecrown cards came out back on the 1st. Anyhoo, this was the first […]

iphone sketchbook app

Today my iPhone sketchbook app came out! The app is 33 pages and contains some unpublished illustrations along with some of my illustrations from the World of Warcraft TCG, Magic: The Gathering, and some other personal illustrations I have done. You can scroll through and zoom in on the images as well as save them […]


A few of my cards came out last month for the Wrathgate expansion for the World of Warcraft TCG. I am only posting two out of the three cards I did because, honestly, the third one isn't really worth posting. I had to go through many revisions on these and I am still not very […]

New WoW lootz

A few of my new WoW illustrations for the Naxxramas raid deck came out last month. I also did the Cover of Silence card, but that illustration was pretty lame so I'm not going to post it. I refuse!