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Magic: The Gathering Art and Video Tutorial

Balduvian Horde - Iconic Masters
After spending nine weeks working in-house at WotC and Valve, I'm finally getting around to updating my various sites. I haven't posted any Magic art since Ixalan (I didn't even post my Rivals of Ixalan art), so I'm really behind. 
I just added Balduvian Horde, Thorn Elemental, Ihsan's Shade, and […]

Gumroad Sales for Puerto Rico

Today, September 27th, 2017, Gumroad will donate all proceeds to Unicef for hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.
I will also donate all of my Gumroad sales for the next week, ending on October 4th, 2017. I am extending the donation period until after October 1st, which is when I will release my latest Patreon […]

Gumroad Charity

For the month of January I will be donating 100% of my Gumroad sales to Point Foundation and Doctors Without Borders.
If anyone wants to match my final donation, you will be eligible to receive a swag bag from me which will contain some signed Magic: The Gathering proofs and original sketches.
Your matched donation […]

My Patreon is here!

I did it! I launched my Patreon! If you want monthly video tutorials and/or paintovers, please consider backing my Patreon. If this is successful, I hope to start creating more personal art. I'm really excited to see where this leads and hopefully I will be able to help a much larger audience. Thanks!

Patreon for your face!

My Patreon face!
Hey everyone! Some of you may have heard that I am planning on creating a Patreon. I want to offer some cheaper alternatives to my current mentorship program, so I think Patreon will be a great platform.
I would like to offer some milestone goals, but I can't do that if I […]

Hunter Tutorial

Last month I came out with a new video tutorial about the process I go through when designing characters for a client. I haven't done very many character design tutorials and I've been playing Bloodborne a lot lately, so I wanted to create something that was inspired by Bloodborne.
You can purchase it from Gumroad. Here […]

New Tutorials & Mentorship

Working with Layers - For Beginners
After speaking with some of my students, I have come up with some new tutorials and additions to the online mentorship.
Video Tutorials
I've been doing video tutorials for many years now, but lately I haven't been able to produce very many tutorials due to my schedule. Creating a […]

GP San Antonio Playmat – Spirits of War

Spirits of War
Next month I'll be one of the guest artists for GP San Antonio from November 28-30th.
Steve Port contacted me and wanted to know if I would be interested in creating an original playmat illustration for the GP. They wanted something that was specific to the city of San Antonio, so of […]

Advanced Digital Painting – Video only tier!

Illustration from a Client Brief
I am pleased to announce that the "video only" tier for my Advanced Digital Painting class is now available for purchase!
The class is 10 weeks long and includes 25 videos totaling more than 1,500 minutes. You can purchase the video only tier by sending $250 to my Paypal account […]

Break from War

It has been more than a year since my last full-length tutorial. Like with my previous tutorial, Into the Beautiful Grim, this tutorial covers a painting I did almost two years ago. "Break from War" was originally painted as a personal piece for my art book. At the time I had just purchased the Asus […]