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Everyone is a Critic

The digital age has given way to opinions and criticism from virtually everyone, many of which are either unsolicited or malicious. The internet has given people a veil of anonymity through which they don't have to look the person in the eye or deal with the consequences. Like mob mentality, the glowing computer screen has […]

Gumroad Charity

For the month of January I will be donating 100% of my Gumroad sales to Point Foundation and Doctors Without Borders.
If anyone wants to match my final donation, you will be eligible to receive a swag bag from me which will contain some signed Magic: The Gathering proofs and original sketches.
Your matched donation […]

Crash & Burn

Well, my first Kickstarter was a spectacular failure. I only ended up raising $4,446 out of my $15,000 goal. If you don't know how Kickstarter works, it's an all or nothing platform. If you don't hit your goal, you don't receive any money.
After the first week I saw that my Kickstarter wasn't going anywhere, […]

Daarken Newsletter

Hey everyone! Starting next month I will be creating a monthly newsletter! What will the newsletter contain you ask? Good question!
The newsletter will of course contain recent news, but it will also contain new art, premium content, behind-the-scenes images, industry information, special offers, and more!
Premium content is a new idea I want to […]

New Site! Kinda…

If you hadn't noticed already, I have a new site! Well, kinda. This is actually my old store that I've been using for awhile now but I decided to merge my portfolio, blog, and store into one site.
Before all three sites used to be separate in addition to a separate site for my Enliighten page, so […]

Beautiful Grim 2

As some of you may already know, almost two months ago my wife started a Fundly to help pay for her two most recent surgeries. After we left EA we had to get a different health insurance plan and unfortunately, even with health insurance, our out-of-pocket bills have been extremely high. Any help would be […]

Starving Artist, no Really.

As soon as you tell someone you are an artist, I'm sure the word "starving" inevitably creeps into their mind. I think the notion that all artists are starving pervades the minds of the general public, and for once I helped perpetuate the stereotype. People always want to know where you came from. They like […]

Business cards…finally!

Toot, toot toot toooooooot! My business cards have arrived! That was my trumpet sound if you didn't know. After 8 years of working professionally as an illustrator and concept artist I finally made some REAL business cards. Before I would just print some out on my own printer on those sheets that you punch out, […]

An excuse to buy something awesome

Photo courtesy of Let's face it, I draw a lot of knights, warriors, and swords. Sometimes holding a feather duster or a hockey stick just doesn't cut it. You can't get the right weight or feel, you can't see the perspective of the cross-guard, and it just doesn't look as cool! I decided it […]

intuos 3 winner

Congrats to Lane Brown, the winner of the Intuos 3! I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support.