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Out of the Loop

I have been a little silent over the past nine months, and I have to apologize for that. There are always rough patches when it comes to posting art due to NDAs. WotC is usually my main illustration client, so I can only post art once the next set has been previewed. Most of my other […]

GP Tokyo 2016

Lost in Translation: The Aidan Edition.
Over the past week we spent our time exploring Tokyo, eating tasty treats, and collecting awesome loot. This was my fourth Japanese GP for Magic: The Gathering, my first being Okayama in 2008. I also attended Pro Tour Nagoya in 2011 and GP Yokohama in 2013. Hopefully they aren't getting […]

GP Vancouver 2015

Vancouver Convention Center
Over the weekend we attended GP Vancouver. This was my first Canadian GP and only the second time I've been to Canada (I think). The first time was for my sister's wedding in Winnipeg. I hate flying and my wife doesn't like boats, so luckily we were able to drive to Vancouver.

WotC Concept Push – 2015

Day 1 at WotC
I just got back from another 3-week concept push at WotC. Of course I can't tell you what we worked on and unfortunately you probably won't see any of it for another couple of years. Boooooo, I know.
The concept crew this time consisted of Tyler Jacobson, Cynthia Sheppard, Chris Rahn, […]

GP San Antonio 2014

View from the hotel
Last weekend I attended GP San Antonio. This was the first GP I've been to since GP Albuquerque one year ago. I haven't been traveling lately because of the little guy and I probably won't be doing much more. I do plan on going to GP Vancouver in February since I […]

WotC Concept Push 2014

Renton Concept Push 2014 - Wayne Reynolds, Vince Proce, Steve Prescott, Steven Belledin, Cynthia Sheppard, Me :O
I just returned from a 5-week concept push at WotC. I was joined by Cynthia Sheppard, Steven Belledin, Steve Prescott, Wayne Reynolds, Sam Burley, and Vince Proce.
It was great seeing and working with everyone again, even if […]


After our flight was delayed 4 times, we finally made it to Albuquerque! Luckily we were only about an hour and a half late. Going to Albuquerque also meant that I was going to inevitably make Breaking Bad references the entire. I thought about printing out a "Save Walter White" sign for my tip jar, […]

WotC Concept Push #3

I spent the past three weeks on another concept push at Wizards of the Coast. What that really means is that I was locked in a tiny room with a bunch of other guys drawing stuff and drinking tasty Oregon Chai. There were some old faces and some new ones as well. Well, there was […]

GP Yokohama 2013

This past week my wife and I were in Japan for the Yokohama Grand Prix. This GP ended up being the second largest GP in history with almost 2400 people in attendance! As always, it was a real pleasure to visit Japan and meet all of the fans. Everyone was very welcoming and we felt […]

WotC Concept Push

Foggy WotC building The Room I spent the past three weeks locked away in a room with four other guys, huddled over a computer, marinating in warm concept artiness. Occasionally I would glance over at the other guys to see what they were doing, and I was always both impressed and intimidated by their work. […]