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Current State of Kickstarters

In the past I briefly mentioned doing a few different Kickstarters, so I wanted to give everyone an update. I still plan on doing them, so don't worry!
These days it seems that there are a lot of Kickstarter projects that are being created as an easy cash grab. I realize that creating a successful […]

My Patreon is here!

I did it! I launched my Patreon! If you want monthly video tutorials and/or paintovers, please consider backing my Patreon. If this is successful, I hope to start creating more personal art. I'm really excited to see where this leads and hopefully I will be able to help a much larger audience. Thanks!

Patreon for your face!

My Patreon face!
Hey everyone! Some of you may have heard that I am planning on creating a Patreon. I want to offer some cheaper alternatives to my current mentorship program, so I think Patreon will be a great platform.
I would like to offer some milestone goals, but I can't do that if I […]

New Tutorials & Mentorship

Working with Layers - For Beginners
After speaking with some of my students, I have come up with some new tutorials and additions to the online mentorship.
Video Tutorials
I've been doing video tutorials for many years now, but lately I haven't been able to produce very many tutorials due to my schedule. Creating a […]

Mentorship 2.0

Hey everyone! It's that time of year to talk about my mentorship again. After teaching 5 classes, some changes have been made. Pricing As you can see by the table, the prices have changed. If you sell products, even digital ones, most states require that you charge sales tax. That sales tax is then given […]

Mentees, not Manatees

Andres Esquivel - Week 2 (left), Week 4 (right)
Although manatees are awesome, and something I need to post about in the future, this post is all about my mentees!
Last week was the final week of my third Intro to Digital Painting class and the fourth week of the first Advanced Digital Painting class. […]

Advanced Digital Painting – Video only tier!

Illustration from a Client Brief
I am pleased to announce that the "video only" tier for my Advanced Digital Painting class is now available for purchase!
The class is 10 weeks long and includes 25 videos totaling more than 1,500 minutes. You can purchase the video only tier by sending $250 to my Paypal account […]

First Mentorship is Done!

Figure painting from photo ref. assignment (right) - Ben Liou
After three short months, my first intro to digital painting class has come to an end. Technically the class ended several weeks ago, so I'm a little behind with this post. I thought it might be interesting to post some stats so that you can […]

Mentorship Update

Felipe Gaona after Tyler Jacobson - Master copy assignment
Hey everyone! It's time for another mentorship update.
Next week is the 10th week of my first Intro to Digital Painting class. So far things have been great, even with the Dropbox problem.
We ended up having to scrap the BitTorrent Sync idea because, once again, […]

Mentorship News and Future

The Good We are now halfway through the Intro to Digital Painting class! So far things are going great and I've had a lot of fun talking to the students and seeing their work. Already I have seen a lot of improvement from the students, so it's really exciting to see them grow. Here are […]