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LA combine prerelease

Yesterday I attended the LA prerelease for M12. Not a lot of people showed up, but it was still a fun show and I am glad I was able to go. Zac Hill was there doing some gunslinging, and he teamed up with my wife and took me on in a little Commander action. The […]

evolution of an artist

Someone was asking me to post some of my very first paintings and drawings so that they could see what my beginnings were like. I thought this was a great idea and I actually found some of my old work when I was packing and moving earlier this month. It is always fun to see […]

the Secret of Nimh

The Secret of Nimh was always one of my favorite animated movies when I was younger. When I decided to do some fan art, the Secret of Nimh seemed like the perfect idea. There are so many great characters in that movie. Earlier I posted a WIP of Nicodemus. Today I was able to finish […]