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interview – hosted by dave rapoza

Tonight the almighty Dave Rapoza will interview me on his Livestream. Will there be coconut oil involved? I guess you just have to attend to find out. Please come and join in on the fun and ask any questions that have been burning a hole in your brainpan. The interview starts at 6:00pm EST tonight, March 16th, 2010. Watch live streaming video from fuckinartwithmrdelicious at

intuos 3 winner

Congrats to Lane Brown, the winner of the Intuos 3! I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support.

Grand Prix – Washington D.C.

I will be signing cards and selling prints/proofs at the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix in Chantilly, VA. I hope to have a limited edition art book available for the show as well. I still need to finish 7-8 new illustrations for the book and find a publisher. I am planning on self publishing, but there are so many out there so it is still hard to decide which one to use. Along with the luster prints I will also have these 18x24 canvas prints available for $125 each: Bloodghast Bloodhusk Ritualist Trapmaker's Snare Pawn of Ulamog Sarkhan Vol Form […]

Magical magicness

Hey howdy. It has been awhile since I last updated, my apologies. Things have been kinda crazy around here crazy I mean my normal work schedule. Actually no, so far this year freelance has been pretty slow, which means I can work on more personal stuff. Three weeks ago I launched my first purchasable video tutorial and it has been doing fairly well I suppose. I really feel like I missed the mark a little bit with my debut tutorial because it wasn't as in depth and "cool" as I would have liked. To remedy that I have been […]

beautiful grim and beyond

I can't believe I forgot to post this. This was my entry for the Beautiful Grim fundraiser. I can't even remember how many times I started over, I think I started 8-9 completely different paintings before settling on this one. Coming up with an idea was really hard for me because of how mentally and physically connected I am to the event. I wanted to create something that conveyed how I felt about the whole process, but yet I didn't want to come off too grim or generic. Since this is for a fundraiser I also had to take into […]

Female hunter trailer

The trailer for the Female Hunter tutorial is up on my YouTube site. The store will launch on February 10th, so stop by on Wednesday! The url for the store will be  I just wanted to remind people that this video tutorial is not available as a physical DVD, but is only available as a digital download.

New tutorial on the horizon

Woooo, I finally finished recording my new video tutorial, let the clouds part and angels rejoice. My days of recording in the closet are over...until the next time I start recording a new tutorial that is. The video is approximately 128 minutes of real time video. There are two versions available, one in 1280x800 for $10 and one in 1440x900 for $12. Both versions come bundled with the brushes I use and a psd file of my illustration. As a special bonus for purchasing this tutorial, I will select a random person to receive an Intuos 3 6x8 tablet. To […]


My first card from Magic: The Gathering Worldwake has been posted on the WotC site. I have a total of three cards in this set, not quite as many as some of the other sets. In other news, I am still working on the Female Hunter video tutorial. I still have about 80 minutes of audio to record. I also have another 3 videos recorded, but I haven't added any audio yet. I am not sure how many of them will be free videos, but I have been playing around with the idea of releasing free versions of all of […]

2dartist magazine interview

Today my interview with 2DArtist Magazine came out. I have been a long time contributor for 2DArtist Magazine, but for some reason or another I never got around to doing an interview. I have to say, I am quite pleased with the result. After getting my download link I was pleasantly surprised to see how many double page spreads they added...they are huge! I guess I can't hide anything now. The issue is packed with a ton of great art and some really neat tutorials, so be sure to pick up a copy on the 2DArtist site. You can also […]

New WoW lootz

A few of my new WoW illustrations for the Naxxramas raid deck came out last month. I also did the Cover of Silence card, but that illustration was pretty lame so I'm not going to post it. I refuse!