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Gumroad Sales for Puerto Rico

Today, September 27th, 2017, Gumroad will donate all proceeds to Unicef for hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.
I will also donate all of my Gumroad sales for the next week, ending on October 4th, 2017. I am extending the donation period until after October 1st, which is when I will release my latest Patreon video on Gumroad. The video will cover various tools and applications I use on a daily basis as part of my workflow. 
If there aren't any videos you are interested in, please consider purchasing Gumroad videos from other artists since Gumroad is donating all proceeds […]

Tomb of Annihilation

The Jungles of Chult
What's better than zombies and dinosaurs? If your answer is a zombie-vomitting dinosaur, then you are correct.
Back in July of 2015 I worked alongside Victor Maury in creating the concepts for Tomb of Annihilation. Typically concept pushes consist of 3-5 artists. This time it was just me and Victor. It was a little intimidating knowing that we needed to concept the whole world, and it is a big world.
Not only did we need to create concepts for the dinosaurs, but we also needed to create concepts for inside and outside of the tomb, the Port City […]

Play for Faye

Play for Faye - Mox Boarding House October 7, 2017
On October 7, 2017 I will be attending the Play for Faye Magic: The Gathering charity event. I will be there from 3:00pm to 9:00pm signing cards, selling prints, proofs, playmats, doing alters, etc. I will also be donating some swag to the event.
As many of you probably know, I  haven't attended very many events after the birth of my kids. I don't have any other events planned for the immediate future, so if you are near Bellevue and would like some signatures or swag (or just want to […]


Ixalan Concept Push Team - Me, Christine Choi, Aleksi Briclot, Chris Rallis, Steve Prescott
Back in January of 2016 I was part of the Ixalan concept push team along with Christine Choi, Aleksi Briclot, Chris Rallis, and Steve Prescott.
Ixalan is a world that brings everything you loved from your childhood to Magic: pirates, dinosaurs, and vampires. Bringing pirates and dinosaurs to Magic was both fun and challenging. I think the hardest part about it was finding a way to stay true to what people love about them. Would our Magic spin be accepted by the public, or would we […]

Valve Concept Push – Artifact

I just returned from spending two weeks at Valve as part of a concept team for their upcoming card game, Artifact. I was joined by Tyler Jacobson and Lake Hurwitz.
This is only the second studio I've worked in-house on a contract basis. I've worked as a full-time employee at other game studios, but working in-house as a freelance artist isn't as common. I think things are shifting in the industry and more freelancers are working on-site for a couple of weeks at a time to flesh out the game.
Ramping up and down is common in game studios, so it […]

Hour of Devastation

Diabolic Edict © Wizards of the Coast
Hello everyone! It's time for another Magic: The Gathering art dump for Hour of Devastation, which was just released yesterday.
I didn't have as many illustrations in Hour of Devastation and I wasn't completely happy with the illustrations I produced. I was on a concept push when I worked on these illustrations, so maybe that's why I didn't get as many. There are some sets that just turn out better than others for some reason. Maybe it was the content or maybe it was the amount of time or stress I had going on with […]

Hall of Heroes – Concept Push

Me, Jonas De Ro, Anna Steinbauer, Titus Lunter, Min Yum
Wizards of the Coast has become my second home. I just returned from another three-week concept push at WotC in Renton, WA. I think this marks my fifteenth concept push, although, three of them were for Dungeons & Dragons. One time I did an emergency concept push that only lasted for two days, but I'm not counting that one.
This time I was joined by Jonas De Ro, Anna Steinbauer, Titus Lunter, and Min Yum. Min Yum you say? Yes I know, Min Yum is like a unicorn. I think […]

Video Review – Wacom 27QHD Touch

Here is my video review of the Wacom 27QHD Touch. You can find the written review here. The written review contains some additional information and links. Please take a look!
I’m giving the 27QHD a 9 out of 10 due to touch not working as well as it should. If touch worked as well as the Companion, it would be pretty near perfect.
Overall: 9 out of 10

Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch – A Second Look

Wacom Cintiq 27QHD attached to MacBook Pro
I finally decided to take the plunge and purchased a 27QHD. I know for many, myself included, the high price tag is very intimidating. I think that was the only reason it took me so long to purchase one. Luckily Wacom now offers financing options, which can put the 27QHD in your hands without spending your life savings.
Sure you have to spend a little more in the long run due to interest, but there is no way I would be able to drop more than $3,000 at one time to purchase the […]


Horror of the Broken Lands © Wizards of the Coast
With the prerelease just around the corner, all of my Amonkhet cards have now been previewed. I have a total of seven cards (eight illustrations) in the set, although technically Gideon, Martial Paragon is part of the Planeswalker Deck and not the main set. You can take a look at Gideon, Martial Paragon and Grasping Dunes in my previous blog post, Amonkhet Preview Season.
In my previous post I mentioned that I also created 10 story illustrations for the Amonkhet block. These were pivotal moments in the story that needed […]