Art Dump

Dream Eater – Guilds of Ravnica

Hey everyone! Once again it has been quite some time since my last post.

Last night I decided to finally update my site.  I haven’t been installing the latest WordPress or Woocommerce updates because they always break my site, plus  my old theme had some bugs with the gallery and other  things.

The custom theme I was using hasn’t been updated in over two years, so I figured it was time to change themes. Hopefully everything works. If you find something that doesn’t work, please let me know. I’ll probably be working out the kinks over there next few days.

Magic: The Gathering

It has already been a few sets since I posted my Magic work. I am still working on adding the proofs and prints to my site. If you are interested in any proofs that aren’t on my site, just send me an email. I know people have been asking about playmats, but I probably won’t be making any myself. We are required to order a certain amount, so I wouldn’t be able to sell them since I haven’t been attending shows.



Valve has previewed some of the illustrations I did for their upcoming game, Artifact. I have been to Valve twice for concept pushes and I was able to play the game while I was there. I really liked the game. It seemed like people were having fun playing Artifact at PAX, so hopefully it will be successful when it launches.