Magic: The Gathering Art and Video Tutorial

Balduvian Horde – Iconic Masters

After spending nine weeks working in-house at WotC and Valve, I’m finally getting around to updating my various sites. I haven’t posted any Magic art since Ixalan (I didn’t even post my Rivals of Ixalan art), so I’m really behind. 

I just added Balduvian Horde, Thorn Elemental, Ihsan’s Shade, and Urgoros, the Empty One to my inPRNT gallery.

I also added some new proofs to my store, including Bloodghast (Iconic Masters), Thorn Elemental, Ihsan’s Shade, and Fetid Heath (Masters 25). If there are any other prints/proofs you would like me to add, just let me know. I’ll probably add the rest when I have a chance.

My site hasn’t been updated in awhile either and I’ve sort of abandoned my Facebook fan page. Most people don’t see my posts anymore due to the new algorithms, unless I pay a fee. Getting 7 likes when you have more than 25,000 followers is a little ridiculous. I’ll probably still upload my Magic art on there, but Facebook isn’t my priority. 

Ihsan’s Shade – Video Tutorial

In other news, I’m excited to announce that my first Magic: The Gathering video tutorial is now available! The video is around 110 minutes and I cover my design process, how to deal with revisions, what the process is like working with WotC, and more! 

Since WotC has given us permission to create video tutorials of our Magic illustrations, this will be the first of many Magic: The Gathering tutorials. I filmed most of my Dominaria, Iconic Masters, and Masters 25 cards, plus illustrations that haven’t been released yet. 

If there is anything you would like to know about working on Magic: The Gathering or working for Wizards of the Coast, please let me know and I’ll try to address it in future videos. 

Now for some more art! Here are my Magic cards that have been released since Rivals of Ixalan. I’m close to 200 cards on the Gatherer now. I’ve done more than 200, but they haven’t been released.