Out of the Loop


I have been a little silent over the past nine months, and I have to apologize for that. There are always rough patches when it comes to posting art due to NDAs. WotC is usually my main illustration client, so I can only post art once the next set has been previewed. Most of my other work is either concept art, which is usually never seen by the public, or illustrations for other products that are hard to track whether or not they have been released to the public.

I also just spent the past 9 weeks working in-house for WotC and Valve. The first three weeks were spent working on concepts for D&D, the next three weeks were spent working on concepts for Magic: The Gathering, and the last three weeks were spent working on Artifact at Valve. 

For the past few months I’ve been a little…ok, very behind on my mentorship, Patreon, and store. I haven’t even been able to update my proofs for the past few sets. Now that I’m back home I can start working on catching up. I really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. I was worried everyone was going to bail, but you stuck with me and rode it out. You are the best! Now, back to work!