Tomb of Annihilation

The Jungles of Chult

What’s better than zombies and dinosaurs? If your answer is a zombie-vomitting dinosaur, then you are correct.

Back in July of 2015 I worked alongside Victor Maury in creating the concepts for Tomb of Annihilation. Typically concept pushes consist of 3-5 artists. This time it was just me and Victor. It was a little intimidating knowing that we needed to concept the whole world, and it is a big world.

Not only did we need to create concepts for the dinosaurs, but we also needed to create concepts for inside and outside of the tomb, the Port City of Nyranzaru, the various people living in the city, creatures living inside the tomb, devise various traps for the tomb, several different races, player characters, and other locations. Oh, and do all of that in three weeks.

Ras Nsi and Yuan-ti

Tomb of Annihilation was actually the first Dungeons & Dragons concept push. I’ve been a fan of D&D since I was a kid, so I was really excited to get to work on the first D&D concept push. When I found out that Pendleton Ward helped create Tomb of Annihilation, I knew I had to work on it. His concepts are amazing, I hope someone posts them one day. I just wish I had been there when he was working on it. I probably would have been too star-struck to have said anything to him…

Creating marketing illustrations is always stressful because of their exposure. They will be used on packages, websites, books, and probably blown up to humongous proportions at events. WotC wanted to create 6 of these illustrations. Vincent Proce and I were on another D&D concept push at the time, so they asked us if we wanted to split the 6 illustrations. Luckily I got dibs since I had worked on the concept push. Vincent got all of the illustrations with 10,000 figures in them, but he is really good at that, so it worked out in the end.

The Soulmonger