Ixalan Concept Push Team – Me, Christine Choi, Aleksi Briclot, Chris Rallis, Steve Prescott

Back in January of 2016 I was part of the Ixalan concept push team along with Christine Choi, Aleksi Briclot, Chris Rallis, and Steve Prescott.

Ixalan is a world that brings everything you loved from your childhood to Magic: pirates, dinosaurs, and vampires. Bringing pirates and dinosaurs to Magic was both fun and challenging. I think the hardest part about it was finding a way to stay true to what people love about them. Would our Magic spin be accepted by the public, or would we ruin their childhood?

Interestingly enough, I had just finished doing some concepts for Tomb of Annihilation right before the Ixalan concept push, which also features dinosaurs. I didn’t want to rehash my ideas from Tomb of Annihilation, so I let the other artists handle most of the dinosaurs. Looking back, I wish I had concepted more of the dinosaurs.

The only “dinosaurs” I concepted were some of the pterosaurs. I say “dinosaurs” because pterosaurs aren’t technically dinosaurs. Most people probably don’t realize there is a difference, but it just makes it easier for the creature type text.

I should be able to show some of my concepts once the entire block has been released. Until then, I can show the cards that have been previewed.

Mike Linnemann wrote a great article about Bloodcrazed Paladin over at Gathering Magic. Go check it out!



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  1. Great illustrations, as usual! And this bat-god is awesome! Wish Wizards would make him into a legendary creature :^)

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