Abyssal Specter

Abyssal Specter – Modern Masters 2017

[pix_dropcap]D[/pix_dropcap]aarken here with some new art. I believe I only have one new painting in Modern Masters 2017, which is funny because I wasn’t even aware that I was creating an illustration for it.

How can that be? Sometimes art is used for other sets or sometimes an art description might be lumped together with another assignment.

I actually received the commission for Abyssal Specter in the same email with Arcbound Ravager and the Aether Revolt story illustration. Since I grew up playing Magic, I knew Abyssal Specter was an existing card (I remember it from Ice Age), but I just assumed they were releasing a Kaladesh version for Aether Revolt.

Animals on Kaladesh have filigree incorporated into them, like patterns on their fur or horns that grow in a filigree pattern. I wanted to mix some elements of a bird head with a dragon head and have the reins attached to its horns.

If you were ever wondering about the filigree and weird design, now you know.