Khorne Pit Fight

Khorne Pit Fight © Games Workshop[pix_dropcap]I[/pix_dropcap]t was recently announced that my Khorne painting will be on the cover of the September 2016 issue of White Dwarf magazine!

I used to look through White Dwarf when I was a kid, so it’s crazy to think that one of my paintings will be on the cover.

You might have noticed that my painting is quite a bit different than the version used for the cover. The colors have changed, the background is gone, and the figures are in different places. Since GW owns the copyright to the painting, they are allowed to make any changes they see fit. Once it leaves the artist’s hands, we usually don’t have any involvement with how it is used or changed for the final product.

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  1. Nice work Mike….Great painting and the background is really good,would have been nice to see it in all its glory before you blurred it,great 1st newsletter.Keep up the good work.

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