Daarken Newsletter

[pix_dropcap]H[/pix_dropcap]ey everyone! Starting next month I will be creating a monthly newsletter! What will the newsletter contain you ask? Good question!

The newsletter will of course contain recent news, but it will also contain new art, premium content, behind-the-scenes images, industry information, special offers, and more!

Premium content is a new idea I want to implement because it encourages people to subscribe to the newsletter. What exactly is premium content? Premium content will be additional posts and information that only subscribers can see. For example, I might post a new painting for everyone to see, but only subscribers will get to see progress shots and additional information. If you ever see a post that says “Subscribe to our newsletter and get access to the full article” with an email address box and a submit button, that means that post has premium content and you will need to subscribe in order to see everything.

Once you subscribe, you will receive an email containing an unlock url that will allow you to see all premium content. If you clear your history, you will be required to use the unlock url again in order to see premium content, so don’t lose your welcome email!

How to become a subscriber
How to become a subscriber

I don’t want premium content to become the only thing I post on my blog, so each post will be available to the public while only part of it will be available to subscribers. The best thing is, becoming a subscriber is easy and free.

All you have to do is type in your email address in the form which can be found on the top right of the sidebar of my blog. The same form can also be found in the footer of every page and on this page.

After you subscribe, you can add or change your profile information by visiting the subscriber profile page. Also, don’t forget to confirm your email address after you subscribe. I am using a double opt-in system to hopefully weed out spam accounts.

Hopefully I will have enough new content to create a monthly newsletter, if not, I may need to release fewer newsletters throughout the year. Please let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to see or hear! All of you shall now be deemed “Daarken Acolytes.”