Signing Cards Internationally!

IMG_1421[pix_dropcap]I[/pix_dropcap] am happy to announce that I will begin signing cards internationally through Jack Stanton and his signing service. For more information about the process, please visit his page.

Several years ago I had to discontinue signing cards internationally for several reasons. Some of the reasons included people wanting me to lie on customs forms (which is illegal), people not paying for shipping (which in some cases was $15-30 per envelope), people getting mad at me for customs fees (which I have no control over), the time it takes for me to drive to the post office, filling out forms, and standing in line at the post office (which would sometimes take an hour and a half).

Domestic fans can also take advantage of this service, but they can also just email me directly instead of going through this service.


2 Replies to “Signing Cards Internationally!”
  1. I have a Korlash, heir to blackblade #87 /180 and it has a signature at the bottom it is not in cursive in black ink and is above your trademark in the words shuffle your library. How can I tell if it is fake? the card is 1993 – 2007 thank you for your time.

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