Current State of Kickstarters

In the past I briefly mentioned doing a few different Kickstarters, so I wanted to give everyone an update. I still plan on doing them, so don’t worry!

These days it seems that there are a lot of Kickstarter projects that are being created as an easy cash grab. I realize that creating a successful Kickstarter is incredibly difficult and the logistics of printing and shipping rewards is a huge undertaking. Part of the reason why these Kickstarters are taking longer to launch is because I want to make sure I can handle self-publishing a book and that I’ll have time to fulfill the rewards. Depending on the success of each Kickstarter, I might need to look into fulfillment options from a 3rd party.

I am also not going to launch either of my books until I have them completely finished. That way I can mitigate the amount of time people have to wait before I fulfill the rewards. I know some people launch a Kickstarter before they have their book ready, which can result in years of waiting. That isn’t how I will handle my Kickstarters. I won’t print my book before the Kickstarter (in case I don’t hit my goal), but I will have it ready for printing when I launch.

Art & Cookies

Back in October I mentioned doing a Kickstarter for a book I wrote about my career and the art industry. The book is meant to help prepare people for the art industry. Some of this information is hard to come by since most art schools don’t really go into the nitty-gritty. Plus with rising costs of schools, many people don’t even go to school anymore.

The book has already been written, I just need to hire a copy editor (which I believe I have found) and design the cover. The main thing that is holding me back is that I’m worried I either won’t hit my goal or I’ll end up losing a lot of money on the project. I’m not sure how many people read anymore, so I’m not sure how viable this book will be.

Art Book

I have also been working on an art book for the past year. The layout is finished, I just need to finish typing the content. I had originally planned to release the book soon, but one of my clients won’t allow me to publish my art until a year after the original release of my art to the public. Since some of the paintings that I’m planning on including in the book just came out within the past month or two, I won’t be allowed to publish my book for almost another year.

It is a little disappointing that I have to wait another year before I can publish my book, but I think keeping that content is worth it. It’s just funny because by the time the book finally comes out, the content will be 2-4 years old. Not exactly a “new” book. It will be new, but not new new.


Yesterday I started probing around about doing a Kickstarter for a new mentorship. Out of all three options, this one is going to be the easiest to execute since I don’t have to publish or ship a book.

The reason I’m planning on doing a Kickstarter for my next mentorship is because creating the videos takes a long time, a really long time. Back when I created my original mentorship, it took me 3 months to create the videos. That was before I had a son, so it might take even longer this time.

With my current situation, there is no way I would ever be able to create new videos because all of my time is spent working on freelance. The purpose of the Kickstarter would be to raise capital that would allow me to take time off of my freelance in order to work on the new videos and still be able to pay my bills. Although, I will probably still work on Magic cards because they are one of those clients that you can’t pass up, plus I want to make sure I have enough money to support my family.

Of course the problem with that is that about 35% of the amount raised would be taken out for taxes, the Kickstarter fee, and payment fees. I obviously don’t want to set the goal too high, but I also have to set it high enough so that I can take time off of freelance.

Since I would need the funds from the Kickstarter, that would mean I wouldn’t be able to start creating the videos until after the Kickstarter has ended. Hopefully it won’t take me very long to create the videos.


So there you have it. I think the biggest thing holding me back is fear. Fear that I won’t be able to hit my goal or that the Kickstarter will be a failure. I don’t have a very big fan base, so I’m not sure if any of these projects will get off the ground.

If anyone has any comments, concerns, questions, or ideas for rewards or content, please let me know. Thanks!

2 Replies to “Current State of Kickstarters”
  1. Roll on a new artbook ..will there be any doom stuff in it?

    I’m pretty shocked to hear you say you don’t have a large fan base…but thats me looking in from the outside.

    I think i have bought nearly every video tutorial you have produced,mentorship was way out of my price league and i just draw casually for fun etc, so it would be interesting to see what options are available.

    Will you ever sell the tutorials from your last mentorship separately?Or will they be used in the the next mentorship aswell.

    Cheers Simon.

    • Unfortunately no. I asked permission but I was denied. As for the old mentorship videos, I sell the videos themselves as a bundle, but they are still a little pricey. I might drop the price on them.

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