New Site! Kinda…

[pix_dropcap]I[/pix_dropcap]f you hadn’t noticed already, I have a new site! Well, kinda. This is actually my old store that I’ve been using for awhile now but I decided to merge my portfolio, blog, and store into one site.

Before all three sites used to be separate in addition to a separate site for my Enliighten page, so it felt a little weird to jump between four different sites while browsing through my content.

Sort by set!
Sort by set!

The other good thing about this new site is that it is responsive, so it works better on mobile devices. Sorting images in galleries is pretty nice too, especially in the Magic: The Gathering section because you can sort the cards by set.

Old Bugs

My old portfolio site also had some issues with the Lightbox Image viewer. Sometimes when you clicked an image you would receive the message “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later,” but if you switched computers or sometimes even browsers and tried to load the same image, it would work.

There were also some weird mouseover and new window bugs too. I think when you clicked on “info” or one of the other buttons, it made all of the text smaller.

New Bugs

This new portfolio gallery also has its problems. If you click the magnifying glass, the image will open in a box but you can’t right-click and save the image, you have to click on the arrow button to view the image in a new window and save it there. There is an option to turn off the image viewer, but it doesn’t work.

The image gallery in the blog doesn’t work well either. If you have more than one image gallery in a single blog post, only the first one works correctly. The others won’t allow you to click the right next button or click any of the separate image buttons beyond the first few. The caption height is also messed up when viewed with Firefox.

You can see the problems I’m talking about with multiple galleries in the same blog post in the video below.

[pix_video src=”″ poster=”” width=”100%” height=”56.25%” streaming=”true” id=”id_801371″]

I found that if I use a slideshow instead of an image gallery, it works much better, although it takes a lot more work because I have to create custom slides for each image. Most likely I will leave the older posts with the image gallery and any future posts I’ll use the slideshow. Maybe if I have time I’ll fix some of the older ones, like the Remembering Warhammer Online post.

Of course updating my store also caused some issues with my products (proofs and mentorship), but I was able to fix the problem after a few hours.

The new site has some issues, but I think it is probably a good change from the old site. Please let me know if you find any other bugs or if any of my products in my store don’t work. Thanks!

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