DokiWear Art Glove Update

DokiWear CG Art Glove - Black
DokiWear CG Art Glove – Black

I just received some new DokiWear gloves and they are pretty nice. You might notice that they look different from the original pair I reviewed. I liked the grey ones before, but I think I like the black ones more.

They also changed the way they fit. The original pair I had was just a sample, and in my review I had mentioned that they were a little loose and I couldn’t see how they would work well as a compression glove. The new pair I received, also a medium, fits much better.

I should also mention that I am wearing the DokiWear gloves on top of my Handeze Flex-fit gloves. I still need the extra wrist support for my carpal tunnel syndrome, so I’m hoping one day DokiWear comes out with a version that has a wrist support.

The stitching also seems to be tighter and closer together than the original sample I received.

The gloves are now available for purchase online. Before you could only get them if you backed their Kickstarter, but now you can order them from their site. I’m excited to see that DokiWear is improving their glove design and I look forward to any new versions in the future.


3 Replies to “DokiWear Art Glove Update”
  1. Haha, I too do the handeze/dokiwear glove combo. I hope it’s not too much hell in the summer when it gets humid here. It’s nice for the freezing cold weather right now though.
    It’ll be nice if they can come out with a version with a wrist strap, though I’m still leaning more to the combo since even though I have the smallest size, the dokiwear glove still doesn’t have the compression support my handeze have *yay child-size hands*

  2. Thanks for the review. I was wondering if you could comment on the ‘release version’ with regards to palm rejection. Your original review of the pre-production version indicated that the glove would not give me palm rejection. There is a video ( from Doki that seems to show that the glove WILL give me palm rejection on my iPad.

    What is your experience?

    • It does and it doesn’t. If you press down really hard, you can still make marks with your palm. The microfiber helps a little, but it is much easier to make marks with your little and ring finger since they don’t have the extra microfiber. If you don’t press down hard, you probably won’t have any problems.

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