Litup LP3 – Review

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Litup LP3

[pix_dropcap]T[/pix_dropcap]his is the light box I wish I had back in school. The light box I used back at the Academy of Art University was small and about as thick as a brick. The Litup LP3 is extremely thin and has an active area of 16.93×12.2. Plus you have to admit, it looks pretty slick.

As always, you can watch the video review instead of reading the wall of text.

The LP3 light box is just that, it is a light box that is used for tracing drawings. I’m sure photographers and graphic designers have other uses for it, but for me it would be used for tracing drawings. It doesn’t transfer your drawing to the computer, it is just a good old fashioned light box.

The Light

What is cool about this light box that older boxes don’t have is the ability to change the brightness level. If you are in a dark room, you might want to use a lower brightness level so that you don’t burn your eyeballs. The LP3 also remembers your last brightness level setting. If you turn off the LP3 and turn it on again, it goes back to the previous setting.

During the video you will probably notice that the light flickers or has a rolling black bar. You can’t actually see the flicker in person, but you can see it through the camera due to the difference in refresh rates.

I tried testing the LP3 out with different types of paper. Obviously regular printer paper is fine, but I also tried 100 lb. Bristol Board. The light is strong enough to easily trace your drawing onto Bristol Board. I don’t have any watercolor paper around, but if I ever do, I will update this review.

The surface doesn’t seem to get hot either when working for long periods of time. It has been at full brightness for two hours now and the surface still feels like it did before I turned it on.

Litup LP3
Litup LP3

The Cons

There really aren’t many. The only main problem is that it has to be plugged in to use it. Most electronic devices do, so that isn’t a surprise. Some of the fancier models from Litup actually have a battery that allows you to use the device without plugging it in. If you are worried about using it without the cord, you might want to consider getting one of the upgraded models.

I saw some reviews that mentioned the cord is too short. I guess it really depends on how far away your desk is from the outlet. Sure it could always be a little longer, but for most cases I think the cord is probably long enough. I only mentioned it in the video because I was grasping at straws.

There seems to be quite a bit of variance with the cord length. Customers on Amazon are reporting the cord length to be anywhere from 36 in. long to 62 in. long. Maybe they received a different product, but my cord is 76 in. long. Unless you have a severe lack of outlets in your workspace, the cord should be long enough (unless your cord is only 3 feet long). According to Amazon, receiving different cord lengths could be a problem when ordering this product. Maybe Litup recently changed the cord length, but the short cord length reviews were from last month.


I really can’t find anything wrong with the LP3. The comment about the cord and power issue are so minor that I wouldn’t really even consider them as cons. I was really grasping at straws trying to figure out something to say that could be improved upon, and it appears these issues have been addressed with other models. I would have been extremely excited if this product had been around 14 years ago when I was in school.