Mentorship 2.0

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of year to talk about my mentorship again. After teaching 5 classes, some changes have been made.

As you can see by the table, the prices have changed. If you sell products, even digital ones, most states require that you charge sales tax. That sales tax is then given to the state. In Washington, I am required to charge 9.6% sales tax on products I sell. I then have to give that 9.6% to the state, I don’t get to keep it. If I don’t charge people sales tax, I have to pay the 9.6% out of my own pocket. The new prices reflect the 9.6% sales tax plus a little extra because Paypal takes an additional 2.9% (3.9% for international people).

Video Only

10 Weeks x x x
12 Weeks x
Video Paintovers + JPG x x
Video Paintovers + PSD x
Standard Assignments x x x
Personal Assignments x
Portfolio Review x x
Access to Resources x x x x
Private Forum x x x x
Live Chats x x
Contact with ADs x

Modular Options

Intro Class

• Upgrade from 10 weeks to 12 weeks (video only). Only available to economy and standard tier students – $110

Advanced Class (currently the advanced class is only 10 weeks)

• Add contact with ADs (Standard tier upgraded to Premium tier only) – $55
• Add premium assignments (Standard tier upgraded to Premium tier only) – $55
• Upgrade from 10 weeks to 12 weeks (video only). Only available to economy and standard tier students – $110 (currently unavailable)

Payment Options – Economy, Standard, and Premium tier only

• Full – 5% off
• Two Payments – 50% up front, 50% at week 5
• US Military Discount – 20% off (can’t be combined with the 5% off)


When I first started the mentorship, I had a waiting list since I can only accept 10-12 students at a time. That failed because too many people were either canceling or not responding. One time I had around 30 people cancel. I would often spend several weeks trying to track down and email people on the waiting list, only to either not hear from them again or receive a cancellation. That would then cause more problems because it gave new candidates less time to pay for the class since I would have to try and find last-minute replacements.

I then decided to do a first-come, first-served announcement a couple of weeks before the starting date. Even then I had around 10 people cancel after agreeing to take the class. That ended up being worse because new candidates had virtually no time to pay for the class before it started.

What I am doing now is I am requiring a non-refundable deposit of $100. Hopefully this will weed out the people who aren’t really sure if they want to take the class. These reservations will be available for purchase through my store. Only 12 reservations per class will be available and I will make them available for purchase roughly 1 month before the starting date. That should give people enough time to get their tuition together. Right now only the Intro to Digital Painting reservation is on the store. The Advanced class requires a portfolio, so I have to approve each person first before they can make a reservation.

The $100 deposit will be deducted from the total tuition. So if you are taking the Premium tier ($900), after you pay the $100 deposit you will then owe $800. The discounts only apply to the remaining balance, it does not count toward the deposit. Same with the payment plan options, they only apply to the remaining balance.

I want to make this extra clear, the reservation is a non-refundable deposit. If you cancel, you will not receive a refund.


Registration for the Intro class opens on March 10th and the class starts on April 10th. Registration for the Advanced class opens February 5th and the class starts on March 5th. Since I have to approve portfolios for the advanced class before you can register, send them in now. Just send me a link to your portfolio (website, blog, DeviantArt, etc.) to I will then let you know if I think you are ready for the Advanced class. If you have taken my Intro class in the past and you want to take the Advanced class, send me an email.

I look forward to seeing your submission! See you in class!

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  1. Hello Daarken,
    I want to start off by saying that I’m a big fan of your work. My buddy Bob Kehl has been ranting and raving about the quality of your mentorship program. Currently I’m a Production Artist at Big Fish Games. I work on mobile game icons. I practice all time, but feel I need expert direction to get to the next level. I am interested in the Advanced mentorship program. I guess my question to you is if there’s anyway I can secure a spot for your upcoming class? I’m sure you got swamped with potential candidates already. I can pay you the deposit for this class right away. If the class is full I was wondering if the deposit could secure a seat for the next class?

    Jaison Rivera

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