WotC Concept Push #3

Photo Sep 23, 8 30 23 AMI spent the past three weeks on another concept push at Wizards of the Coast. What that really means is that I was locked in a tiny room with a bunch of other guys drawing stuff and drinking tasty Oregon Chai.

There were some old faces and some new ones as well. Well, there was only one new face, Mark WintersSam Burley was with me on the previous push earlier this year and Steven Belledin was with me way back during the Innistrad concept push. Tyler Jacobson came and hung out with us for a little bit. He brought his Wacom Companion with him, so it was a Wacom Companion party at WotC.

Everyone is extremely good, so I always feel a little intimidated when I go to these things even though I’ve worked with most of them before. I think the first few days are always the hardest because you aren’t really sure what you are going to work on yet and you don’t have a clear direction. There are so many directions to go in, so it takes a bit before you can narrow it down.

Photo Oct 06, 2 32 35 PMThis year alone I’ve spent six weeks in Renton. This place is starting to feel like a second home to me. We both really enjoy it here and we have a lot of friends in the area, so maybe moving up here would be a good idea. We will see.

Most days have been rainy, but there have been a few times when the sun came out and the sky cleared.  Today it was sunny and 70 degrees outside. From the mall we could clearly see Mt. Rainier, although it looked really tiny on my camera phone.

Photo Oct 06, 12 31 39 PMWe also got to meet up with some of our old friends from the Mythic days. They took us to St. John’s Bar & Eatery in Seattle.

I ordered the brunch burger, and I have to say that it was hands down the best burger I’ve ever had, period. I wish I had taken a picture of it! Cat got the French toast, which was also incredible. If you are in the Seattle area, you need to try the brunch burger, you won’t regret it.

Afterwards it was a little sketching at a local coffee shop, although I didn’t do any sketching. Daarken don’t sketch! I also don’t drink coffee, so I just tried to block the sun with my big head so that other people could draw.

Photo Oct 04, 11 53 55 AMIt is always weird how fast time flies when I’m on these concept pushes. Three weeks always seems like a long time before you start, but it never ends up being enough. It is definitely a nice break from the freelance life. Getting to work next to other amazing artists is always inspirational and I feel like I learned a lot. I’m going to miss everyone, but I’m sure I’ll see them again soon.

Thanks for the great time everyone, see you at the next concept push! 😉

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  1. This sounds rly great…no! It sounds awesome! Working with fellow artists for WotC is better than Xmas. If everyday could be Xmass I’d still chose that instead:) You have introduced me to some names I was not familiar with (shame on me) and they were all great.Tnx for that.Do you have a topic to work on -like a new set of cards that needs to be made up or a specific expansion ,I dont know. I wonder how does this work. Anyways, I’d love to see some of the concepts. Maybe when they get published 🙂 Oh, and sry to bother you again about that but If you find a couple of mins to stop by the enliighten forum and share some words on my stuff, Id be rly grateful! Tnx

  2. Ooh, yeah. Dude, the Innistrad designs were awesome. Glad you got a chance to do some concepting for MtG again. Also, I wish I had buddies to sketch with at coffee shops. Sounds like a great time.

  3. Oh, you mean those black and white angels and demons? I rly dig the dragon’s head and helmet-the angle is bad ass and I dont remember seeing it anywhere. Tbh it’s better than those in Lotr, they should have used smth like that instead. Your book is always in my reach when drawing, though I havent made the connection that these were for the same WotC push. The environments r great too 🙂 I told you I was a fan, u thought I was bluffing 😛

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