Break from War

Girl MechIt has been more than a year since my last full-length tutorial. Like with my previous tutorial, Into the Beautiful Grim, this tutorial covers a painting I did almost two years ago.

“Break from War” was originally painted as a personal piece for my art book. At the time I had just purchased the Asus EP121, so I wanted to record some of my paintings. Luckily the Asus was robust enough to record my painting process without completely destroying my computer.

The painting was almost 4 hours long, so with my freelance schedule, my book, and my Enliighten site, I had to put this tutorial on the shelf. Almost two years later, I was finally able to record the audio.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 8.56.19 AMIt took me roughly three solid days to record the audio and finish editing the video. Now I remember why recording the audio at a later date is such a pain in the butt.

Why would recording 200 minutes of audio take three days? Well, first I have to watch the entire video so that I can figure out what to say. Then I have to record that many minutes of audio. After that I have to place it on the timeline and then listen to it again to make sure the audio is ok. Then I have to edit any parts of the audio, take out background noise, change the filters, etc.

Another problem is that my computer is pretty old, so sometimes when I hit record the computer lags and ends up not recording the first several seconds. That causes me to have to go back and redo some of the clips.

Exporting the video took about 6 hours and then another 5-6 hours to upload it. Yeah, my internet connection sucks.

break from war file sizeI used to only record the audio after the video was finished, but with my mentorship videos I started recording the audio while I paint. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to articulate something because I suck at multitasking, but it cuts the process in half.

The file size for this tutorial was a freaking monster. The ScreenFlow file was almost 50 GB, haha. My mentorship videos are usually around 30 GB each, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Don’t worry though, the exported file is much smaller. I think this one is only around 1.3 GB.

If you decide to purchase the tutorial, I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. Thanks as always for your support!

200 minutes
Full audio commentary – English
Brushes and PSD file

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  1. YES!!!!! this is one of my favourite drawings from your book,just what i need to give me a kick up the ass to get back drawing..been slacking off lately,offski to purchase 🙂

  2. Finally got time to watch the rest of this tutorial.

    Really enjoyed watching it,great work Mike,hopefully a few more in the future when you get time.

    Thanks for sharing.

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