The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age

Orc Reaver

The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age, by Kabam, is now live! I played the game for a bit to see which of my paintings are in it that I haven’t already posted. There might be some more in the game that I haven’t posted, so if I ever see those in the game I’ll be sure and post them as well.

Looking at my files, I think there are at least 10 more paintings that I haven’t posted yet. Well, there are actually a few more but I’m not as happy with those so I probably won’t post them. :O

If you play the game, you might notice that a few of the paintings look different in the game than what I have posted. After my paintings left my hands, a few of the concept artists over at Kabam made some changes so that the paintings would fit better with their game.

Sometimes gameplay or designs change, so it isn’t uncommon for video game companies to change your art after you turn in your finals. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the changed files, so I can only post the images I created. I think they did a great job changing my paintings! The artists over at Kabam are awesome.


One interesting character is Azog. Back when I did the painting, he still had both of his arms. He also had some scraggly hair in the original concept that was given to me. I think a few of the costume details are different too than what was shown in the movie.

Now that I think about it, I think when I was working on the painting they still hadn’t nailed down the face. I remember leaving the face blank and just adding a smiley face as a placeholder because they wanted me to hold off on the face. If you see him in the game, you’ll notice they changed it so that he has his fake arm and no hair.

Most of the other characters I worked on didn’t have very many changes. I know for Yazneg I had to change his skin color a bit, but other than that, there weren’t very many big changes.

I hope you enjoy the rest of my paintings and be sure to play the game! Thanks!

Orc Warlord
Elf Warden
Elf Sentinel
Dwarf Captain
Dwarf Badge 01 01
Dwarf Avatar
Elf Badge 01 11
Elf Avatar
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  1. Great stuff šŸ™‚ ..Seems such a shame some have to be left half finished.Good work as usual Mike.

  2. Love your work. These ones they are amazing, the details and how you captured the characters personality and their races so well. You have improved so much!!
    I always look up to your work. šŸ™‚

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