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Update – Unfortunately I will no longer be able to sign cards internationally through the mail. This applies to people wanting me to sign cards free, not sales made through my website.

Update 2.0 – I will now be charging for signatures. It takes time to sign cards and most people send envelopes that are too big to fit through my mail slot, which means I have to drive to the post office and that takes time and money. I also have to pay around $200/year for my mailbox (which is only used for signing cards), so charging for signatures will help me pay for the mailbox.

Update 3.0 – I am happy to announce that I will begin signing cards internationally through Jack Stanton and his signing service. For more information about the process, please visit his page.

Several years ago I had to discontinue signing cards internationally for several reasons. Some of the reasons included people wanting me to lie on customs forms (which is illegal), people not paying for shipping (which in some cases was $15-30 per envelope), people getting mad at me for customs fees (which I have no control over), the time it takes for me to drive to the post office, filling out forms, and standing in line at the post office (which would sometimes take an hour and a half).

Domestic fans can also take advantage of this service, but they can also just email me directly instead of going through this service.

Several of these issues have come up over the past couple of weeks, so I would like to remind people of a few things to keep in mind if you send me cards to sign or alter through the mail.

  1. Signatures will cost $1 per card. So if you send 10 cards, please send a $10 tip. You could include cash, but there is always a chance someone will steal it. If you would like, you can PayPal the tip to
  2. Make sure you include a SASE. This is extremely important! If you don’t include one, I can’t send your cards back. This also means I have to buy an envelope if you don’t include one. Also please write my address in the upper left part of the SASE.
  3. Please check to make sure you wrote the correct return address on the SASE. In the past I’ve had people leave off apartment numbers, street numbers, etc.
  4. Sending cards to me through the mail is always a risk and one that you must understand and take responsibility for. The US mail isn’t always the most reliable, so please be aware that there is always a chance the cards could get lost or damaged. If you send me a flimsy envelope and the cards aren’t even inside a sleeve or hard case, then be prepared for the possibility of bent or damaged cards. If you want to reduce the risk of damaged cards, send them in hard sleeves and include a sturdy envelope or bubble mailer. You could even include a piece of heavy stock paper or cardboard.
  5. If your cards are ever damaged or stolen, you need to contact the service used to ship the cards. Please do not accuse me of stealing or damaging your cards. All cards are sent back in the condition I received them, so again, I can not be responsible for what happens to them once they leave my hands.
  6. I try and return cards as soon as possible but be aware that it might take some time. Typically I will return them within a day of receiving them, but it could take longer. Alterations usually take longer, so you might have to wait a few weeks. When doing alterations, I always tell people ahead of time that it might take several weeks to more than a month for me to finish them. If you agree, please do not e-mail me every few days asking if I am finished yet. I will e-mail you when I am done.
  7. I will not declare a lower amount on customs forms. It is actually illegal to declare the wrong amount, and I will not do it. Not only that, but declaring the correct amount protects you and myself if the cards are ever lost or damaged. If you are in a foreign country, be prepared for the possibility of paying an additional customs fee. I am not responsible for any customs fees.
  8. If you have something specific that you want drawn or altered, please let me know when you make the order. If you don’t give me any special instructions, I will just draw whatever I come up with. There are plenty examples around the internet and on this site of my alterations and sketches, so please check those out before making a purchase. Unfortunately I can’t really accept returns for someone not liking my drawing due to the fact that art is very subjective. You accept the risk when you place the order.
  9. “I saw you draw something for someone else, but the drawing you did for me isn’t as good.” Again, art is very subjective. I always try to do my best when doing a sketch or an alteration, regardless of the person or the subject matter. Unfortunately not all drawings/alterations are the same.
  10. If you have sent me cards in the past, please check with me before sending more cards. I tend to move a lot and several times in the past people have sent me cards without asking and they ended up sending them to an old address.
  11. If you want signed or altered cards, I would highly suggest asking me instead of going through a site like eBay. The sellers on eBay sometimes inflate the prices by more than 10x. Also, I have seen some cards on eBay that claim I altered them, even though I didn’t. The safest bet is to have me personally alter your cards, that way you know they are legit.



4 Replies to “Signing Cards”
  1. Hello Daarken!

    Just wanted to start off saying that you are without a doubt my favorite card artist for Mtg. I just have a quick question. How much do you charge for card alterations? I looked through your site and could not find a section on it. It might be that I just glanced over it however and if that is the case, I apologize.

    Thank you for your time and for the fantastic work.
    Best Regards,
    Jack Benson.

    • Thanks! The prices are actually on my shop. Alterations are $20 each. I use DecoColor paint pens. Unfortunately I don’t do full acrylic alterations. Maybe one day if I have more time.

  2. Hi Daarken! Love your stuff. I’m looking to send you some cards soon, and wondering if you are willing to sign in colors other than black? I would totally mail you a gold sharpie if that’s what it takes. Thanks!

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