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Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 1.00.41 AMI’ve been wanting to update my store for a long time now, but I never got around to it. Part of the reason is that I would have to add all of the products again by hand, which is time consuming.

You probably noticed that my previous store was hardly ever updated. It was quite an ordeal to update, so I usually never got around to doing it. Zencart is nice and free, but it is a bit clunky. I am now using WooCommerce and so far I love it. It is so much easier to update and I think it looks a lot better.

The other great thing about WooCommerce is that it is a free WordPress plugin. I’ve seen a lot of other people use sites like Shopify, but I’m a little hesitant to pay $30/month (for their cheapest plan) plus 2% per sale, and you only get 1 gig of file storage. Shopify stores look awesome, I just don’t think I’d want to shell out that much; I would hardly make a profit.

So anyway, over the weekend (well, a few weekends ago) I finally decided to create a new store and started from scratch. I added 130 products, counted all of my proofs, and customized the store. Yeah, I tend to go a little crazy when I get a project stuck in my head. I usually don’t stop until it’s finished…or go to bed until it’s finished.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 12.50.14 PMThe new version of WooCommerce just came out the other day that allows multiple file downloads per product. This means that the video tutorials are now broken up into smaller parts so that they will be easier to download. When I first launched the new store it was still using the old WooCommerce that only allowed one file download. I just made the update yesterday, so hopefully everything runs smoothly.

There were a few hiccups when the new version of WooCommerce came out because it isn’t quite compatible with the theme I’m using. I was able to sort out most of the problems, but there are still a few. Multiple product images still don’t work and if no products are on sale, random products will populate the sale section even if they aren’t on sale. I guess that means I’ll always have to keep something on sale!

I bought some copies of my book to sell at shows and conventions, but I thought I might put some on the store to see how they do. Unfortunately they are more expensive than the ones on Amazon. The ones on Amazon aren’t signed, these are. I also do a little sketch in the front of the book. The other reason they are more is because I have to buy the copies first in order to sell them. If I sold them at the Amazon price, I wouldn’t make a profit.

Since this new store uses WooCommerce instead of ZenCart, that means your old account won’t work on the new site. Unfortunately that means you will have to create a new account. The upside is that this new store is much easier to use and navigate and less confusing when it comes to download links.

I also added new products like acrylic alterations and the ability to buy a proof with a sketch on the back, an alteration on the front, both, or none of the above!

I hope you enjoy the new store! Please let me know if  you find any bugs or have any problems. Thanks!

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  1. Hi Daarken.
    The new store is great,much easier to navigate for me,I purchased the beautiful grim and the sci fi vid tutorials the other week.Download speed was a tad slow but nothing major as i’m in the UK.Just one thing maybe to look into is it takes a download attempt away from you even if you have not completely downloaded the entire video,i made it with one to spare:)But this may catch some people out.Other than that it looks great..good work.

    • Thanks! Unfortunately I can’t change how the code works with WooCommerce in terms of it taking a download attempt away as soon as you start downloading the item. If you ever run out of attempts before downloading the whole thing, you can always e-mail me and I will give you some more. Internet speed is also something I can’t exactly change since it depends on your internet connection speed and location as well. Thanks for the feedback though!

      Hopefully the multiple file downloads will help with the download attempts since it should cut down on the possibility of losing your connection or timing out.

  2. To be honest i think it was my isp,as it was crawling and a Sunday.Now we just need a few new Tutorials puttin up on it hehe 🙂 Maybe something with water effects or people drenched through rain/water and how it looks on the skin hint hint 🙂 Cheers.

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