Elysium is Coming

Hey everyone!

Today I received the advanced copy of my art book! I am very pleased with the book and I can’t wait for it to come out. Like I mentioned before, it will be available in the UK in October and in the US in November. Don’t worry, the book will be available worldwide, so you will be able to order it from anywhere. I think there is also a possibility that the book will be translated into other languages as well, but I will have to confirm that with my publisher, so don’t take my word for it yet. Here is a bit of info about the book.

– $34.99
– Hardcover
– 200 Pages
– Over 300 paintings/drawings, over 100 of those have never been published or seen by the public
– Published by 3DTotal
– Foreword by Kekai Kotaki

You will be able to purchase the book from the 3DTotal site, or by going to any site like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Actually, if you just Google “elysium the art of daarken” you will find tons of links.

Some people have asked what is inside the book. It is mainly an art book, but at the end there is a written tutorial of how I created the cover illustration. I also talk a lot about the freelance world, staff jobs, and specific paintings throughout the book.

Hopefully I can post some more previews soon and possibly a video flipping through the book. We will see what my publisher thinks. Thanks!

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  1. Im going to have to pre order this next week. I usually don’t buy art books unless its artist work I REALLY like (found & ordered marko djurdjevic old marvel art book for a good price the other day yay! :D) Its pretty cool that there is going to be stuff that hasn’t been seen before.

  2. departing in Portuguese would be really cool, but even if we do not go out in Portuguese so I’ll buy msm!! just waiting ..

  3. I am located in Singapore. I was going to order it on Amazon and then I saw it in the bookstores as mentioned by my friends and I rushed down to get it soon after . It seems to be the real deal though given the print quality and the bookstore carries other 3d total books as well.

    • Haha, that is crazy. I guess they released it there first since it was printed in China. Thanks for the info and picture, I really appreciate it!

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