Legend of the Cryptids

After creating a card for Duel Masters, I have been in contact with several other Japanese companies. I recently created two illustrations for the iPhone game Legend of the Cryptids by Applibot. I had to paint the same character for both illustrations, but one needed to be an “advanced” version. There are a lot of Japanese games out there that involve evolving your character, so I am sure many people are familiar with the concept.

The first version is the “regular” version of the character. I knew I would have to create a “cooler” version of the same character, so that meant adding more armor, changing the color scheme, changing a few bits of the anatomy, and adding some fire. In the description it said this was a fire type character, so saving the fire elements for the advanced version was an easy way to make that distinction.

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  1. Hey;D cool stuff:D I work for them too:) Hope everything is ok in your life:) Haven’t seen you online in a while. Cheers!

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