I’ve been working on my new tutorial site, Enliighten, for the past few months now. Well, I haven’t really worked on the site itself yet, but I’ve been busy recording tutorials so that when the site goes live I will have some content to publish.

Most of the tutorials I have done in the past were intermediate to advanced in terms of level, so I really wanted to take a step back and address the fundamentals of art and learning the basics of how to use Photoshop. The majority of the tutorials I am recording for the site are around 5 minutes long, but I do have some longer videos that cover figure drawing and still life painting. I plan to release a new video every Wednesday and Friday, so for some of the longer videos I might break them down into a few parts.

Another great aspect about this tutorial site is that the tutorials will be free. I have always tried to give back to the community as much as possible and with the ever growing problem of piracy, I really wanted to produce some material that students can take advantage of without having to steal it.

Since I will be releasing two new videos a week, I will constantly need new ideas for future tutorials. Right now I have around 25 tutorials finished, but if you have any ideas I would love to hear about them.


Update – The site will launch 11.11.11!

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  1. Totally looking forward to this! I cannot wait to see the website… I hope the design is as good as your work šŸ˜›

  2. Great, I’m looking foreward to it!

    there are some things which are bugging me.

    “High Frequence detailing” and “colour variation within an object”.

    if I take iron as an example, I can just shade it how iron is shaded, but that is kinda boring. so how do I make it look more real with all these little bumps and scratches without destroying my shading.

    and if I’m finished with the detailing and start the colouring, how do you apply colour?
    monochromatic iron is also boring.

    Those are my 2 ideas, so maybe you havn’t done them yet, but I think those aren’t basics anymore.

  3. the very basics of composition and value are hard to find any info on!
    Not sure if this is because it is just not teacheable and must be studied or just no one ever taught of teaching those subjects!

    Nevertheless if you would have some insight to share on these subjects that would be great!

    Thanks in advance for the amazing info you will be sharing ! (yet again)

  4. It’s really awesome of you to work so hard on something like this, jsut to give back to the community šŸ™‚

  5. Enliighten? I see what you did there!

    I’m sorry to hear that your tutorials are getting pirated, but I’m glad that they haven’t discouraged you from helping those that are eager to learn. I hope someday the community will be able to repay you for all that you’ve given.

    I think a tutorial on lighting interior spaces will be helpful, I haven’t really seen anyone cover how to bounce lights within a room. Maybe a lecture on getting the right mindset when it comes to art study, that would be as back to basics as it gets.

    Thanks for everything.

  6. So awesome of you to provide this to people free of charge. Good karma points hehe!

    I think a tutorial for beginners on environment concepts would be tight. Like where to start, what exercises to do, to get up to speed to be able to create good environment thumbnails.

    Looking forward to the site and really dig your artwork!


  7. I cant wait, it looks wonderful. Thank you for making the time and effort, both now and in the past, to become the artist that you are.

    I’d like to see some tuts on perspective and composition. Would be nice to know what books you recommend, what kit you use ( everyone wants to know) . What makes for good practice opposed to bad practice. And how you keep on believing in yourself, even when you think you’re going backwards rather than forwards with your efforts.

    I’ve had times when I want to stop, I think I am making little progress and the amount of things you have to learn can seem overwhelming. Composition, colour theory, technique, perspective, learning about bones and muscles, lighting, and shading. Any guidance in those areas will be gratefully received.

    PS Love you work!

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