Back in early 2010 I was given the opportunity to travel to the headquarters of WotC to be on their team to concept the entire world of Innistrad. The concept team consisted of Richard Whitters, Steve Prescott, Steven Belledin, and myself. Over the next four weeks I was crammed in a tiny room with Steve and Steve, drawing monsters and werewolves. It was such an amazing experience to be a part of a team of that calibre. Everyone at WotC was so enthusiastic and excited to be there. It was almost as if I had stepped into a weird movie where people actually enjoyed their job, crazy I know.

One might expect that the majority of my time was spent concepting Black creatures, but I actually created concepts for all colors, including land for each color. One of my concepts of a White priest was released on the WotC site. I was never able to finish this concept, but you get the general idea. Hopefully one day I can post some of my other concepts.

Ashmouth Hound

Infernal Plunge

Curse of the Nightly Hunt

Blasphemous Act

Voiceless Spirit

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  1. Wow they rock!
    They are some of your better ones 🙂

    Love the ghost and the armor of the “Infernal Plunge”.

    Now I’m pumped and have to draw.

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