female portrait tutorial from imagination

After I finished the ear demo and the male/female pose demo, people were asking me to do a portrait tutorial. I actually did a self portrait tutorial for 3DTotal, so I decided to do one of a female this time. This tutorial is filmed in real-time and took about 50 minutes to paint. This is all from imagination, so no reference was used. Here is the link.

Ugh, Camtasia was being a pain in the butt again. Whenever I tried adding audio filters, it would crash. Then I tried to duplicate the project and it crashed. It would crash when I opened the file, crash when I tried to save the file, crash when I tried to play the file, etc. I tried breaking it into two parts and more crashing ensued. I finally got past the crashing issues and tried to export 25 minutes of the tutorial. Again the stupid export bug reared its ugly head. You know, then one where it goes through the entire export process (which can take a couple of hours) and when it finishes, a dialog box opens up saying it is finished and that you can reveal the file in the finder. Of course when you do that there is no file and it isn’t anywhere to be found on your computer. I tried changing more settings, no luck. I tried to break the file into 4 parts instead of 2…more crashing. Finally I was able to break it into 4 parts and so far it seems to actually be working. Once I export all 4 files I then have to open them back up in Camtasia and stick them all together so that I can upload one file to YouTube. Camtasia is such a pain. Some people recommended ScreenFlow, so I am going to kick Camtasia out the door and give ScreenFlow a try. See ya Camtasia, thanks for wasting my time.


Fixed her chin a bit based on some feedback I received on my YouTube site. Thanks!

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  1. Greate Video totorial! loved it! Im gona go try to paint with some modle reference now!!!

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