time for some practice

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy about my art lately so I decided to do a little studying. I feel like my grasp on anatomy isn’t where I want it to be, so I did a few studies from some photos. The first is of a friend and the next is just from a photo I found on the internet. I think I really need to start practicing more often. I was feeling a bit inspired by Zhang Lu’s approach to digital portraits. His digital portraits are amazing.


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  1. That’s pretty amazing Mike!! I really like the way you handle your edges… I still feel that it is something I must improve on my own paintings.. Love your studies!!

  2. As artists, we are never done improving.
    I feel… in order to be satisfied with one’s own art, we need to keep stepping it up a notch, otherwise it gets a bit boring, even if your art IS scrumdillyuptious.

  3. Would be awesome if you made a portrait video tutorial, cause those portraits are in class with Zhang Lu’s.

    • Simon – Hah! I actually already filmed a female portrait tutorial. I just need to add the audio but I haven’t had time yet. Maybe in the next few weeks, but I probably won’t be able to because of moving, trips, and work. Maybe at the end of June?

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