Female and Male Nude Tutorials

As you may know I upload free tutorials from time to time on my YouTube site. When I uploaded the Sci-Fi Environment trailer someone messaged me asking me to do a tutorial on how to paint a male and a female nude in a basic standing pose. I haven’t uploaded any free videos in a long time, so I figured this would be a great opportunity. Both of the videos are 40 minutes long and filmed in real-time so that you won’t miss anything. No reference was used for these paintings and they were each painted in about 40 minutes.

Male Pose
Female Pose

I had other people asking if they could give donations for the time I spent creating these tutorials, so I decided to bundle and release them on my store. I added an additional 5 minutes to each video, talking about basic measurements and further refining the painting. I also included high res (1500 pixels wide) layered psd files of each painting and the brushes that I used. Also, the videos are higher res than the ones on my YouTube site. These new videos are 1440×900 and in QuickTime format. The whole bundle is $10.99. You can purchase it here.

I hope these tutorials help, thanks!!

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  1. You are far to kind for this. Thank you! Also thank you for the metal & leather tutorial shoulder armor thing on cgtotal.

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