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I figured I would give everyone a little update with how my Sci-Fi Environment Tutorial is coming along. I seem to finally have pushed passed the plethora of bugs from Camtasia and iDVD, so I give you THE SCI-FI ENVIRONMENT TUTORIAL DVD OF DOOOOMMMMMmm!! As you can see I am in the process of printing and cutting out the DVD inserts and the DVDs themselves. As always, I do all of the filming, editing, printing, cutting, and distribution by myself. It takes me a long time to create a tutorial, so it really sucks when I find out that everyone is pirating my videos. For the first few months after I released my first two videos I couldn’t find any torrents. As soon as the torrents started becoming available my sales dropped to nearly zero. I found one site where my tutorials had 30k downloads. I know there isn’t much I can do about it and pirating is pretty much inevitable, but it still sucks when you put a lot of work into something and people just steal it. I’m trying to tell myself that probably at least 90% of the people that pirate my tutorials are people that wouldn’t have bought them in the first place, but even if 1% out of that 30k bought my video, that is still 300 sales, which is more than I have sold per video. Oh well, not much I can do about it. Just because people pirate my videos should I punish those that do buy them by not producing new tutorials?  The short answer is no. Pirating has hit every industry hard, so does that mean people should stop making music, or movies, or video games? All people can do is continue to create bigger and better products in hope that people will support their efforts.

Bah, anyway, I’ll tell you a little bit about my process and equipment and whatnot. So I filmed the video using Camtasia for Mac. For the audio I actually used a program called Wiretap Studio. I find it easier to hit play on the Camtasia timeline and record the audio with Wiretap while I watch so that I can time the audio correctly. After that I have to export each section (I broke the tutorial up into 5 parts). Once I had all 5 parts exported, I had to put them back into Camtasia and export them as one large file. I was then able to burn that one file onto a DVD using iDVD. After that I use a program called Epson Print CD to print the DVD with my Epson Stylus Photo R1800. For the DVD insert I used Photoshop and then printed it on double-sided glossy paper with my Epson Artisan 800. I then have to cut each insert out using a good old exacto knife and a ruler. I was able to make 15 DVDs before I ran out of ink and paper. At the end of April I am attending Wizard World Con in Anaheim and in June I’m going to Singapore and Kansas City for a Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix, so I will have these DVDs available there for purchase. I may only make a few available through my site for now so that I can have some to sell on hand at the shows.

Right now I’m getting my digital download ready, so I should be able to have them available for purchase in the next day or two. The digital download will be $21.80 and the DVD will be $33. Why the weird prices? Well the state of California makes you pay sales tax on everything you sell, so I need to charge sales tax in order to cancel out the sales tax I have to pay to the state. So not only do I have to pay federal tax and state tax, but I also have to pay state sales tax and city business license tax, yay! Basically I am being taxed 4 times for everything I sell. Gotta love America. Some quick specs:

Sci-Fi Environment Tutorial
$21.80 – Digital download, 4 parts
$33 – DVD, 1 Disc
Length: 149 minutes
Bonus Material (digital download): Layered PSD, Brushes
Bonus Material (DVD): Trailers, Brushes, Portfolio Gallery


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  1. Count me in, too! I’ll fork over the cash for any of your tutorials for sure. It’s a shame you can’t do anything about the pirating. If I ever see your stuff anywhere I will definitely let you know.

  2. Glad you are continuing to make tutorials.

    A lot of the comments you made on process and work flow I really agreed with, stuff as far as creating thumbnails and really vibing with your first idea and the rest being watered-down versions of it.

    Anyway, you keep making em, I’ll keep checking them out. Have a good one.

  3. I can tell you of 2 piracy sites on the fly that are almost certain to have your tutorials. I however strive to purchase what I like and support my favorite artists. I just need to feed some cash into my debit card and I’ll pick up your tutorial by Monday afternoon EST 😉

  4. I’ll never promise a tutorial, I promise you that. your prices are more than reasonable for the quality that you provide, and I’m happy you aren’t going to punish us honest folks who buy your tutorials.

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