dvds now available

DVD versions of the Female Hunter and The Final Charge tutorials are now available for purchase through my store. There are only 20 copies of each tutorial available, so get them while they last!

Female Hunter DVD – $25

Length – 124 minutes
1 Disc
Bonus Material – Layered PSD, High-Res JPGs, Portfolio Gallery

The Final Charge – $30

Length – 155 minutes
2 Discs
Bonus Material – Layered PSD, High-Res JPGs, Portfolio Gallery, Brushes, Bio, Sneak Previews

If anyone picked up the Female Hunter digital download, you may have noticed the audio was pretty quiet. In the DVD version I went back and fixed the audio and increased the volume significantly.

I would also like to add that these videos look much better using a high def TV when viewed through a player using an HDMI cable…but I guess that is pretty obvious. I put them in my PS3 and they looked so much better.

Hmmm, time to think about my next tutorial. I am thinking about doing some kind of landscape or environment. What do you think?

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  1. An environmental design tut would be great. You’ve covered pretty much everything regarding character design so far, and a bit of diversity will be appreciated greatly. I don’t know about the rest of the people following your works and tutorials, but I know I’d love to see how you approach drawing a fairly detailed mixture of architecture strategically placed foliage. I’ve just come back from Vienna, so I’m still high on gothic architecture, but I don’t think that would lend itself to a tutorial very well. Still, these are my thoughts on the subject- so far I’ve come across several tutorials regarding creating architecture, mood, composition, perspective and environments devoid of structures separately, all covering the dry basics, however, I’ve yet to see something that gives pointers and quick tips regarding all in one place.

    I apologize for the incoherent jumble of words- I’m a bit tired and that means I’m in mile-long-chain-sentence-mode.

    • Yeah that sounds great. I’ve actually been planning on doing an environment tutorial but I haven’t figured out exactly what I want to paint yet. Thanks for the advice!

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