The Final Charge is in the can

Wooo! I finally finished making my new video tutorial, The Final Charge. I had recorded this video earlier this year and started on the audio a few months ago. The other day I was able to squeeze in some time to finish the audio and complete the video. It ended up taking an entire day to render the video and prep the final files and it looks like it will take another couple of hours to just upload the files.It feels good to finally finish another video, although now that I think about it, I forgot to make a trailer to put on my YouTube site. Boo. Well the night is still young…only 1:30am. I have pretty much been working till 4-6am every night because of my work plus I am in the middle of packing my apartment and moving across the country. California here we come, again.

Back to the video. The video tops out at 155 minutes and is filmed completely in real-time so that you can actually see what is going on. In my previous video I only talked about creating a vignetted figure, but in this video I go over how I create a full illustration. I talk about composition, eye flow, adding color to a black and white image, character design, and a bunch of other stuff.

The video also comes with my brushes and a psd version of the illustration so that you can see the different types of layers I used. I always like seeing other artist’s files so that I can flip the layers on and off, so hopefully people enjoy that. The 1280×800 version is $12 while the 1440×900 version is $15.

Oh, one thing that I want to mention is that the audio in this tutorial is much better than that of the Female Hunter tutorial. I was able to tweak my mic settings and Camtasia for Mac came out with more robust audio controls, like noise reduction filters. You can actually hear me now, yay! The video will be available through my store starting July 1st.

UPDATE – Aaaannd two hours later the trailer is finished.

UPDATE – Available now!

12 Replies to “The Final Charge is in the can”
  1. Awesome dude, thanks for taking the time to do this sort of thing I’m addicted to watching these vids! 😀

  2. I think you would be disturbed if you knew the amount of time I’ve spent watching your video tutorials. I really enjoy them and they help me out a lot. This video looks to be better than the female hunter! Thanks.

  3. HI Darkeen. First of all. Im your biggest fan.
    I need a tip mate. Can yopu tell me what is the name of software that u r using to record your speed draws ? Im using Camtasia nad its crashing a lot, so i decide that i must change it. Thanks D.

    • mlauda – Thanks! I also use Camtasia. Are you using it for Mac or PC? I found that the PC version crashed a lot more than the Mac version.

  4. A must buy if you ask me. You really raised the bar from your previous tutorial which was already really good (i refrain from using to big superlatives as those are reserved for masterpieces next time maybe, if you keep on improving at this rate), but this one is something else. I really enjoyed that you spent so much time on the whole motivational and challenge part, that is the kind of honest and deeply inspirational talk, that I most of all wanted to hear from you.
    Besides that it was a really good choice to make the tutorial in real time. Like you said, people need to know that you are not at cyborg and that you even have things that you struggle with. I is good to know that despite all the things you have to give up, even normal people can make it as artist if willing to work hard and practice a lot.
    Also I have to thank you again, for making it possible for me to see this thing at all. Like promised I will write a review in the store, as soon as I figure out the wording.

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