The visual spoiler for M11 is finally out! You can take a look at the mini-site here. I was only able to do two cards for this set, but here they are. I actually had to make a fairly sizeable change to the vampire because I accidentally made it look like a Zendikar Vampire without even thinking. She had a big crazy headdress and blood tattoos…I think I had to change her outfit too, I can’t remember.

Looking back at the Harbor Serpent piece I really wish I had put a little more time and color into the figures in the foreground. I could have done something better with the lighting too. That is always the problem with looking back at older pieces, you always want to go back and change things. I don’t like the Serpent’s head either…gah, it really bothers me.

If you hadn’t noticed from my last several posts, I have been trying to incorporate a larger background presence into my paintings instead of having abstract and smokey backgrounds. I felt like my illustrations weren’t really illustrations, but rather just images of people against abstract backgrounds. Adding backgrounds to your illustration can not only help your image visually in technical terms (composition, eye flow, etc.), but it can also add more of a story element to your piece, which is key to creating a successful illustration. Bah, it is 3am and I am blathering. Off to bed.

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