imaginefx 58

Last week ImagineFX #58 came out which features my first workshop for the magazine. I am very excited to finally have something in the magazine. I have been a fan for a long time, so it is great to finally join the ranks of great artists that have already graced the pages. The workshop features a written step by step tutorial of my painting as well as a video tutorial of the same painting. The video tutorial doesn’t have any audio, but you can at least watch my process. I think the video is around two hours. The painting took around 4 hours to paint, so it was a pretty quick one. A big thanks goes out to Claire for giving me the opportunity to create something for the magazine and for allowing me to paint whatever I wanted.

Dave Rapoza also has a workshop in the same issue, so be sure to pick it up because it is a good one.

4 Replies to “imaginefx 58”
  1. You’ve got a tutorial in ImagineFX?
    Now i can’t wait to get my copie of the Magazin…. it’s always taking a while. šŸ™

  2. This wowed me when I saw it in IFX. Amazing work! Great picture in all aspects of composition, colouring, etc, and I really enjoyed the walkthrough. I think they really help you appreciate and understand how much hard work goes into pieces. Keep up the inspiring stuff Daarken! šŸ˜€


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