My first card from Magic: The Gathering Worldwake has been posted on the WotC site. I have a total of three cards in this set, not quite as many as some of the other sets.

In other news, I am still working on the Female Hunter video tutorial. I still have about 80 minutes of audio to record. I also have another 3 videos recorded, but I haven’t added any audio yet. I am not sure how many of them will be free videos, but I have been playing around with the idea of releasing free versions of all of them on YouTube…which means they will be sped up and in lower quality.

When I am not working on freelance or at my full time job, I’ve been working on a 30 painting personal project. So far I only have one out of 30 finished, but hopefully I can get the rest finished in the next month or two.

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  1. Hey, sory for of topic comment ;P

    I’v only found one more card bye you teh green thing eating a sword? sortoff

    enyway wery nice.

  2. The pic rocks!
    You’ll never get bored this way. And i can’t wait to get your vids on my screen, but looks like i have to be patient – and that’s ok.

  3. JP – Thanks!

    Eludor – Thanks! Yeah, hopefully I will finish them soon, hang in there!

    Lu – Yup, that is just my freelance work too, so it doesn’t include my full time job. It looks like 14 of those paintings might be dead, we will see. Plus I’m working on a 30 painting personal project, which doesn’t include any of those other 30 paintings…haha.

  4. Another nice illustration man. I was recently looking at the warhammer online concept art book that came with the collector’s edition. That concept book is absolutely excellent. I was trying to figure out which ones were yours. I saw you had one comment and I think most of the dark elves looked like your work. Do you just focus on character concepts mostly or do you have some environments in there too?

    Please hurry on your 144 minute tutorial! I’m really looking forward to purchasing it.

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