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Photo from Amazon.com

Photo from Amazon.com

Now that the Companion has been out for more than a year, companies have started making screen protectors for it. When I first purchased the Companion, there weren’t any screen protectors available, so I had to risk scratching my screen. I’m always super careful with my things, so I went about 7 months with no problems.

I use the Companion as my only work machine, so I use it a lot. After 7 months my nib had worn down quite a bit, but I didn’t notice how much it had worn down. It had worn down enough to create a sharp edge, which of course scratched my screen. <insert Vader “Noooooooo” here>

It was completely my fault. If I had been paying more attention to my nib wear, I probably wouldn’t have scratched my screen. Luckily it wasn’t that bad, so you can’t really notice it. Anyway, I went on Amazon and found a couple of different options regarding screen protectors for the Companion.

Posrus & Skinomi

I’ve been using tablet PCs since around 2009, so I have quite a bit of experience using various screen protectors. Back when I was using the ASUS EP121, I used the Posrus and the Skinomi screen protector. I used a few different options for the Fujitsu ST5112 as well, including the one from Fujitsu. Out of the 5112 screen protectors, the one from Fujitsu ended up being the best, even though it was really thick and made everything look a little blurry.

Skinomi screen protector after only 3 weeks of use. No bueno.

Skinomi screen protector after only 3 weeks of use. No bueno.

The Skinomi screen protector was a pain to install because it was one of those wet install screen protectors. It was a glossy protector so everything looked super crisp and clean, but that also meant there was a ton of glare. After only three weeks of use, the screen looked like the surface of a lake, or maybe liquid mercury.

The Posrus protector was an anti-glare screen protector, but it also scratched very easily. Not only did it scratch, but the scratches made everything on the screen look blurry. At least the indentations on the Skinomi protector didn’t make everything blurry. The Posrus protector had to be replaced after about a month or two.

Sure the Skinomi and Posrus protectors were for the ASUS EP121 and not the Companion, but since they are made by the same company, I’m sure they are pretty similar. Posrus offers a Companion screen protector, but based on how the Posrus protector performed on the ASUS, I didn’t want to take the chance.

Photodon a.k.a Awesomedon

There was another option by Photodon that looked promising, so I gave it a shot. They offer several different options for the Companion, a 25%, 35%, and 85% anti-glare and also a clear version. I went with the 25% anti-glare.

The Photodon screen protector is by far the best screen protector I’ve ever used. It is easy to install and it doesn’t affect the colors or touch capabilities. I also don’t really notice much affect on the sharpness of the screen, although I guess I didn’t sit and inspect it before and after. It does have a little bit of a matte feel to it, but if you buff the screen with the cleaning cloth that comes with it, it becomes much smoother.

The other screen protectors lasted anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months max, the Photodon screen protector lasted 7 months. Quite an improvement. Plus that 7 months was with me using the computer 7 days a week, 8-15 hours a day. The scratches also weren’t huge indentations like the Skinomi protector, instead they were fine scratches. They also didn’t make the screen blurry like the Posrus protector. They did cause my nib to get caught a little and make squeaky noises, which was why I decided to go ahead and replace it. Paying $20 every 7 months to protect my Companion seems like a pretty good deal to me.

If you have a Wacom Companion and you are looking for a screen protector, Photodon is the way to go.

5 thoughts on “Wacom Companion – Screen Protectors

  1. Hi Daarken,

    I’ve found a couple of different screen protectors here in Europe, but, unfortunately, no photodon reseller. I was thinking about ordering 2-3 pieces on their website, but I can see that they have a couple of options to choose from- http://www.photodon.com/p/3152-01.html
    You said that You’d been using anti-glare 25% and it had worked fine. Did You try any other type? Do these screen protectors are matt or glossy? I ask cause I really don’t like glossy surfaces as I find them hard to draw on. I thank You in advance for the reply.


  2. Hi Daarken,
    As Cintiq Companion comes with its own screen protector, did you removed it to put the photodon ? I`m asking you becouse the original protector makes the screen look really blurry and I just don`t dare to remove it…what would you recommend?

    • The Companion doesn’t come with a screen protector (unless they changed it), at least the first Companion doesn’t. I don’t know about the Companion 2.

      If you don’t like the screen protector and it makes everything blurry, I would suggest changing it.

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