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Everyone is a Critic

The digital age has given way to opinions and criticism from virtually everyone, many of which are either unsolicited or malicious. The internet has given people a veil of anonymity through which they don't have to look the person in the eye or deal with the consequences. Like mob mentality, the glowing computer screen has […]

Crash & Burn

Well, my first Kickstarter was a spectacular failure. I only ended up raising $4,446 out of my $15,000 goal. If you don't know how Kickstarter works, it's an all or nothing platform. If you don't hit your goal, you don't receive any money.
After the first week I saw that my Kickstarter wasn't going anywhere, […]

Daarken Newsletter

Hey everyone! Starting next month I will be creating a monthly newsletter! What will the newsletter contain you ask? Good question!
The newsletter will of course contain recent news, but it will also contain new art, premium content, behind-the-scenes images, industry information, special offers, and more!
Premium content is a new idea I want to […]

Signing Cards Internationally!

I am happy to announce that I will begin signing cards internationally through Jack Stanton and his signing service. For more information about the process, please visit his page.
Several years ago I had to discontinue signing cards internationally for several reasons. Some of the reasons included people wanting me to lie on customs forms (which […]

Art & Cookies Kickstarter

A couple of years ago I mentioned that I was in the process of writing a book about the art industry and my career. I've been working on it off and on whenever I have some extra time and I finished most of it earlier this year. I tend to find things to add as […]

Low Pay, No Way

No one likes to talk about low pay. It is the deep dark secret of the freelance world. If we put it in the corner and throw a rug over it, maybe it will go away. It won't. Unfortunately this is how the industry works. I'm sure most people have seen the Should I Work […]

Signing Cards

Update - Unfortunately I will no longer be able to sign cards internationally through the mail. This applies to people wanting me to sign cards free, not sales made through my website.
Update 2.0 - I will now be charging for signatures. It takes time to sign cards and most people send envelopes that are […]

Starving Artist, no Really.

As soon as you tell someone you are an artist, I'm sure the word "starving" inevitably creeps into their mind. I think the notion that all artists are starving pervades the minds of the general public, and for once I helped perpetuate the stereotype. People always want to know where you came from. They like […]

Freelancing Rates

This is another very popular topic and one that never actually receives any concrete information. How much do I charge as a freelance artist? How much indeed. I still don't know the right answer for that. I'm not sure why, but for some reason talking about money and how much a person makes is considered […]

More freelance infos

Woop! Well I just finished up an 8 painting project with a new client a week early and turned in 3 other paintings yesterday along with 12 armor sketches for another client. Now I just have 9 paintings to finish by the 11th (5 paintings now, I wrote this a few days ago). In keeping […]