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Gumroad Charity

For the month of January I will be donating 100% of my Gumroad sales to Point Foundation and Doctors Without Borders.
If anyone wants to match my final donation, you will be eligible to receive a swag bag from me which will contain some signed Magic: The Gathering proofs and original sketches.
Your matched donation doesn't need to be donated to the same charities, you can choose your own. You will of course need to provide your donation confirmation to be considered. I will only pick one winner at random to receive the swag bag. The winner will be picked […]

Aether Revolt

Yahenni's Expertise - Aether Revolt © Wizards of the Coast
It's preview season again for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set Aether Revolt, due to hit stores January 20th, 2017.
So far two of my cards have been previewed: Yahenni's Expertise and Scrap Trawler. I believe I have a total of five cards in Aether Revolt. Originally Solemn Simulacrum was going to be Aether Revolt, or at least it was commissioned during the same wave as Yahenni's Expertise and Scrap Trawler. I was a little surprised when it came out in Kaladesh. I also created a story illustration and trailer […]

Volo’s Guide to Monsters

Today I received a copy of Volo's Guide to Monsters in the mail, which was a surprise because I didn't know I had any art in it. I thought it would be fun to film an unboxing so that we can experience the surprise together!

Yuan-ti are a pretty iconic race of the Dungeons & Dragons world, and one that can be tricky to illustrate. Combining a creature, like a snake, with a human can often lead to a silly looking creature. I wanted the yuan-ti to look cool and feel more realistic, so it was a challenge designing […]


Solemn Simulacrum a.k.a. sad robot
All of my cards for Kaladesh have now been previewed! I have a total of 6 cards in Kaladesh and I think I'll have 4 in Aether Revolt? I'll have to check.
Working on Kaladesh was a huge change from Innistrad, not just the content, but also the lighting and color palette. Kaladesh is all about light and color, so I really wanted to push my lighting and come up with some more interesting lighting schemes and let the light tell a story.
Since Kaladesh was such a big change from what I normally do, […]

Crash & Burn

Well, my first Kickstarter was a spectacular failure. I only ended up raising $4,446 out of my $15,000 goal. If you don't know how Kickstarter works, it's an all or nothing platform. If you don't hit your goal, you don't receive any money.
After the first week I saw that my Kickstarter wasn't going anywhere, so I sort of gave up. I hate spamming people and I don't like bugging anyone, so I just let it die. Even if I hit my $15,000 goal, that would have been $0 profit for me. All of that money would have gone to taxes, […]

Kaladesh Previews from PAX

Gonti, Lord of Luxury © Wizards of the Coast
If you've been following Magic: The Gathering at PAX, then you've probably seen a few of my concepts and illustrations for the upcoming set Kaladesh.
Back in 2014 I was brought in as part of a team to help concept the world of Kaladesh for Origins. I believe during that original push it was just me, Cynthia Sheppard, and Steve Belledin.
Typically we work on a world for three weeks, but since this was just a mini push, I think we only worked on it for a week...or was it two? […]

Khorne Pit Fight

It was recently announced that my Khorne painting will be on the cover of the September 2016 issue of White Dwarf magazine!
I used to look through White Dwarf when I was a kid, so it's crazy to think that one of my paintings will be on the cover.
You might have noticed that my painting is quite a bit different than the version used for the cover. The colors have changed, the background is gone, and the figures are in different places. Since GW owns the copyright to the painting, they are allowed to make any changes they see […]

Daarken Newsletter

Hey everyone! Starting next month I will be creating a monthly newsletter! What will the newsletter contain you ask? Good question!
The newsletter will of course contain recent news, but it will also contain new art, premium content, behind-the-scenes images, industry information, special offers, and more!
Premium content is a new idea I want to implement because it encourages people to subscribe to the newsletter. What exactly is premium content? Premium content will be additional posts and information that only subscribers can see. For example, I might post a new painting for everyone to see, but only subscribers will get […]

Kickstarter Launched!

My Playmat & Print Kickstarter launched today!
You can choose from six different playmats and prints, which include Bloodstained Mire, Bloodghast, Bridge from Below, Soul of New Phyrexia, Praetor's Counsel, and Birthing Pod. Both Bridge from Below and Praetor's Counsel will be Kickstarter exclusives.
Hopefully this will only be my first playmat Kickstarter. I know there are a lot of other Magic illustrations that people would love to see as a playmat. Based on my last poll, if this Kickstarter is successful, I plan on making Form of the Dragon, Geist of Saint Traft, Mindwrack Demon, Hangarback Walker, and Moonrise Intruder […]

Playmat & Print Kickstarter

On August 15th, 2016 I will launch my first playmat Kickstarter! There will be six different playmats to choose from: Birthing Pod, Soul of New Phyrexia, Bridge from Below, Praetor's Counsel, Bloodghast, and Bloodstained Mire. Praetor's Counsel and Bridge from Below will be a Kickstarter exclusive playmats. I will also be offering 11x17 prints of the same six illustrations.

Bloodstained Mire playmats
If this Kickstarter is successful, I plan on launching additional playmat Kickstarters featuring different illustrations. So if your favorite card isn't offered in this first run, don't worry! I would love to take suggestions on future playmat designs.
A […]