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Morning Thunder, pyu pyu

Or perhaps I should say bzzt bzzt. In any case, this is such a momentous occasion that it warrants a blog post. I woke up this morning and realized that I had a package waiting for me in the front office. It actually arrived the other day but the office was closed due to the holiday, curse you holiday! I threw on my clothes and braved the blistering cold wind, and let me tell you, it was worth it. I now have in my possession 6 boxes of Morning Thunder, the bane of fatigue. Here it is in all of […]

Shiny New Tablet

You know it is the holiday when large tablets of awesomeness abound. I am a total sucker for new technology and the new Intuos 4 is no exception. The first thing that one notices about the Intuos 4 is the widescreen format and the new express keys and speed ring. The cool thing about the Intuos 4 is its ambidextrous design. In the control panel you can set the tablet to either right handed or left handed. There are two usb ports that you can choose from depending on which one better suits your taste. Yes, this tablet finally allows […]

On my way

Welcome to my new and improved blog! If you are looking for my old blog, you can find it here.