Journey into Nyx

Disciple of Deceit

Disciple of Deceit

The other day WotC spoiled some more of my Journey into Nyx cards. I think I actually still have one more card that hasn’t been spoiled that is supposed to be in the set. I dunno, maybe they used it for something else, that has happened before.

Hmmm, I wonder what she’s hiding  underneath those masks. Probably a cookie. I choose the middle one. I really hope it is a cookie or some other form of tasty treat.

The next two illustrations were a bit weird to work on. Sometimes you receive briefs that say something like “show a dude looking awesome and doing awesome stuff” and you think “ok, yeah I know what to do for that.” Then there are times when you get something like the Riddle of Lightning or Font of Return.

Here is the official description I received for the Font of Return.

“The viewer stands at the foot of the rotting dock leading out to the Underworld’s river, as shown on the temple art reference. Submerged just below the surface of the water is a KANTHAROS, a type of ancient Greek drinking vessel featuring high, flared sides and high handles. This vessel has been hammered from gold. A handle might project partially from the surface. The water of the river is unnaturally still and thick, like honey or oil, and is tinged with a purplish cast. A reflection of a wailing face is seen within the ring of the cup.”

Font of Return

Font of Return

If you are thinking “wait, what?” then you aren’t alone. I think the whole “black water with a purple glow with a screaming face inside of a cup” thing threw me off. I decided to leave out the dock because that was going to pull the camera too far away from the focal point, especially when it went to print.

Looking back now, I think the particulates in the water are way too bright, although they kind of fit the whole Nyx look. I probably made them brighter to read at the small size when it went to print.

I wish I had been able to make it look more like the face was actually under the surface of the water, but again it was going to be very tiny at print size so I couldn’t do anything too crazy to it.

Riddle of Lightning

Riddle of Lightning

The Riddle of Lightning illustration was a bit more straightforward. Yup, it’s a lightning bolt striking a guy and breaking a rock.

What’s going on with that lightning bolt you say? Glad you asked.

Two weeks ago I had posted my other Journey into Nyx cards, one of which was Keranos, God of Storms. Take a look at the sweet belt Keranos is wearing. Sorry for the crotch shot.

Do you see any resemblance? Eh, probably not since it is actually kind of hard to tell. The lightning bolt in Riddle of Lightning is supposed to form the skull hanging from Keranos’s belt. Well, I guess it isn’t a hanging skull but rather a huge skull belt buckle. They should probably sell that at shows.

Keranos's crotch + lightning = win!

Keranos’s crotch + lightning = win!

Keranos uses lightning and he has a skull belt buckle and the Riddle of Lightning is…lightning, ohhh yeah, I see what they did there. I wasn’t sure how literal the skull-shaped lightning bolt should be or if I should just hint at the shape of the skull. If I hadn’t pointed it out, I’m not sure anyone would have noticed.

That’s it for now, see you next time!

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  1. Yeah, didn’t notice the lighting thing until you mentioned it. Now that I do notice it though, it’s fucking awesome. I’m sure for those that notice it on their own, they’ll be all like “Daarken’s subtlety is genius” or something.

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