Allegiance: A Realm Divided

H11 Monk HeroEarlier this year I worked on the game Allegiance: A Realm Divided by Underground Games. They just launched their Kickstarter, so go check it out and contribute!

Michael Komarck and Igor Kieryluk also created some gorgeous hero illustrations for the game.

This painting is a little bit different from my normal work. Ok, maybe very different. It is always surprising when a client comes to me and asks me for something that isn’t in my portfolio.

Once in a while you need to step outside of your comfort zone. Working on projects like this really helps me create a more well-rounded portfolio, and it gives me a break from painting zombies and evil warriors.

H11 Monk Hero detailThe brief called for a very specific layout. Most of the middle and right half of the illustration would be covered by text, so I had to place the hero on the far left.

Painting forests is always a little daunting because trees, flowers, plants, and leaves are very complex objects and trying to simplify them can be tricky. I pulled a lot of inspiration from Miyazaki films and the amazing paintings by Kazuo Oga.

Prints of this illustration are now available from my inPRNT gallery. If there are any other illustrations that you would like to see in my inPRNT gallery, please let me know! Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Allegiance: A Realm Divided

  1. Hey daarken beutiful painting! I like the colors and the peaceful message they transmit to the viewer. The blue and red flowers on the ground gave a totally new vivid feel to the paint something that if they weren’t there the painting would be different (like something was missing without). And I like how the lights and shadows of the trees comes into the character. Did you have to separate the character from the background in a separated layer (to move him more to left) or the layout was aproved at that position?

    • Thanks! The layout was very limited in terms of where I could place the character, so he had to be placed in that exact position. I didn’t move him around at all.

  2. Wow …that hand …i thought it was a photo at first O-O,great work.

    Such a shame i can’t buy prints because of the shipping fees,or i would have had a bunch by now..

    Still its great to see these images…thanks for sharing.

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