the Secret of Nimh

The Secret of Nimh was always one of my favorite animated movies when I was younger. When I decided to do some fan art, the Secret of Nimh seemed like the perfect idea. There are so many great characters in that movie.

Earlier I posted a WIP of Nicodemus. Today I was able to finish up Nicodemus and Justin. I also have a WIP of Mrs. Brisby. I still plan on doing the Great Owl and Jenner for sure. Mr. Ages would be cool too. I wanted to do Jeremy since he is one of my favorite characters, but I’m not sure how to handle it, I mean, would I just paint a realistic bird? Doesn’t seem very exciting. Dragon could be cool.

It was good to finally take some time for myself. I’ve been so bogged down in freelance that I never get to have fun. Right now I’m working on 6 illustrations, 5 character concepts, and I just finished up another 28 character concepts and another 3 illustrations. I’ve also been trying to get ready for Wizard World Con next week and I am about to embark on an epic journey around the world. Next month we are going to Denver for a prerelease, then in June we are going to Singapore, Japan, and Kansas city…all back to back. Oh, plus we are moving next month. Busy busy busy. June is going to be tiring.

Detail of Nicodemus, it is a big one. I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything this large before. I think this detail shot is 1500 pixels wide. The full size painting is 4500 pixels wide, so this detail shot is actually smaller than the full res version.

Update – Finished up the Mrs. Brisby painting tonight.

5 thoughts on “the Secret of Nimh

  1. These are relly nice! I especially like the first one. It’s perhaps less semi-transparent and flashy than your usual stuff.

    I’m not a fan of SoN, but this fanart fever that seems to be spreading among cool artists is really awesome. :D (Dave Rapoza doing TMNT stuff and a few others)

  2. Wow, the one of Justin is really REALLY good.. I’d want an oil on canvas version of that hanging on my wall. You really captured his character. Damn, I’m so envious that you are able to produce something like that.

  3. Your art is amazing thank you. I’m a huge warhammer onlime fan and your art really sticks out to me :) I’m a artist myself and that should mean a little more knowing that lol
    Yeah man keep up the great work your stuff is legendary :)

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