beautiful grim wave 2


The artist list for wave 2 has changed drastically due to our schedule. We are also experiencing problems with eBay because they locked our account and refuse to tell us why. A specialist is supposed to call us back on Monday or Tuesday to try and resolve our issue. Hopefully we will still be able to start wave 2 by the middle or end of next week. Wave 3 probably won’t start until the middle of June because I will be out of town for over a month. Here is the updated list for wave 2:

  • Tom Bagshaw
  • M.C. Matz
  • Sarah Gonzalez
  • Ben Thompson
  • Gayle Wheatley
  • Michael Corriero
  • Lettie Lo
  • Willie Real
  • Sergio Lopez
  • Everette Downing
  • Jeff Miracola
  • Martha Chan
  • Dominique Fung
  • Michael Phillippi
  • Simon Otto
  • Richard Sardinha
  • Tracy Flynn
  • Jessica Ward
  • Simon Christen
  • Victoria Ying
  • The Loin
  • Eric Braddock
  • Sherron Cole
  • Evan Hunt
  • Patricia Smith
  • Scott Altmann
  • Adrian Knowles
  • Jessa Sininger
  • Chenoa Lindsey
  • Kristen Perry
  • Katy Hargrove
  • Kekai Kotaki
  • Dan Cole
  • Aaron Coberly
  • Katy Hargrove
  • Richard Anderson
  • Horia Dociu
  • Daren Bader
  • Christophe Lautrette
  • Frank Lin
  • Eric Favela
  • Shyla Ford
  • Lisa Evans
  • Joy Ang
  • Christine Griffin
  • Dave Kendall

2 thoughts on “beautiful grim wave 2

  1. I just came across this through some facebookian linkage, read through your stuff about your experiences with carpal tunnel (which nicely reinforces my efforts to stretch and break — Thx!), then caught glimpses of beautiful grim and would like to donate something for your auction. Looks like I’m late for #2, but maybe for #3?

    e.mail me if you have a chance, thanks!

  2. Great cause.

    An interestingly similar story here. Warhammer online pvprs stopped killing each other for a few minutes, died their armor pink and all changed their names to ‘PinkforTink’ to support one of their own (Tinkerhell) that’s fighting breast cancer.

    It contradicts the PvP gamer stereotype to see such an outpouring of support for something like Breast cancer. I’ve never seen anything like it. Makes me proud to be a gamer.

    Here are the shots.

    I like this one best. I attached it, but I can send others.

    Here is my blog post about it.

    I made a short ‘video’ of the screen

    One of our friends online does a server newsletter. It has a lot about it too.

    David Creekmore

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